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Top 3 Roller Coasters From Your Birth Year

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Ok. I am seriously going to date myself but here goes.


Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain - Ridden

Corkscrew at Cedar Point - Ridden

Demon at Six Flags Great America


Also - Six Flags Great America park opened the year I was born.

I've never been to this park but I seriously need to go now.

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Well, this thread has succeeded in making me feel old. Only about a dozen coasters left from 1984 that haven't met the scrapyard. The best are of course


1. Sea Serpent, Morey's Piers

2. Boomerang, Bellewaerde

3. Boomerang, La Ronde


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Mine is 1997 (I was born just two weeks before 1998, but still...), so I'd say...


-Steel Force

-Superman : Escape from Krypton (Superman The Escape before I believe)

I've never been on any of these coasters, but they are probable the best of my year.


Oh, yes, I was also born the year they built Windjammer

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Loads of knock off Chinese coasters where also in my year...but I guess overall I was pretty lucky, Top Thrill is still one of the tallest and fastest coasters, Balder is an airtime machine, Ozark Wildcat is often considered the best GCI, and Thunder Dolphin is a pretty decent Mega Coaster.

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1986 -

Wild One - Six Flags America

Shockwave - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Ultra Twister - Six Flags Great Adventure


So what are the odds that not one but two of the coasters that open the year I was born would relocate to Six Flags Astroworld. My old home park (RIP). I rode Shockwave aka Batman The Escape and Ultra Twister plenty of times back in the day.

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I was also born in 1963 only three coasters opened that year.

according to RCDB and none of these are operating


Meteor Freedom land usa Bronx NY Moved to Sportland pier in 66 closed in 67

Wild Mouse Lehi Utah Closed in 1966

and Finally

Starliner Miracle strip amusement park closed in 2008

so I haven't ridden any of these

So much for that.


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1982. There are two coasters I've heard good things about that opened that year and are still in operation:


Grizzly, King's Dominion. I'm sure it was a much more awesome ride when all the trees still surrounded it.


Looping Star, Nagashima Spa Land. It's a Schwartzkopf, it's gotta be good!



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I am digging the concept of this post! If i had to pick 3 i would go with the following:


1.)Big Bad Wolf - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

2.)Ultra Twister - Nagashima Spa Land

3.)Steamin' Demon - Great Escape


My number one might be an odd choice but i have always had an appreciation for Arrow suspended coasters.

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Already did mine but as a cool addendum:


Rocket opened at Playland park the year my father was born (1948) and was relocated to Knoebels as Phoenix the year I was born (1985).


And to continue with 1948, there's also Comet, now at Great Escape, which I'm excited to first ride this Sunday.


I <3 Schmeck ... airtime genius

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