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Top 3 Roller Coasters From Your Birth Year

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Basically list the top three coasters that opened in your birth year. You don't have to ride them all, you could just list them by critically acclaimed.


1. Top Thrill Dragster

2. Balder

3. Thunder Dolphin


Ozark Wildcat, Scream!, and Nemesis Inferno also opened in my birth year.

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Confession. I had to RCDB this topic.


1981 baby! (The start of an amazing era of growth in the USA, by the way.)


3.) Jet Scream, SFStL. Pure Schwarzkopf bliss.

2.) American Eagle, SFGAm. Still one of the most majestic woodies in the US.

1.) The Bat, KI. Legendary.

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I'm only rating coasters I've been on, but it looks like 1986 was the year of the painful death machine:


3. Grizzly (CGA). Makes the list for notoriety more than anything.

2. Shockwave (KD). Another torture device.

1. Wild One (SFA). Yep, this is the *best* coaster that was built that year.


Honorable mention: Orkanens Øje - looping Pinfari death machine at Tivoli Friheden. I ended up riding four times to help others get their credit, since the park wouldn't run anything but a full train.

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Don't have many options, but these are the best 3 coaster I've ridden from my birth year.


3. Pepsi Orange Streak @ Nickelodeon Universe

2. Big Thunder Mountain @ Disneyland Paris

1. Batman the Ride @ Six Flags Great America

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Mantis! Just kidding


The only two rides I've ridden from my year were Mantis and Wildcat (both bad) so I'll mention others.


1 - Montu

2 - Orochi at Expoland (Raptor clone and now in France)

3 - Maybe Flight of Fear


(not a fantastic year)

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For only coasters I've been on:


1. Vortex (Canada's Wonderland)

2. Sidewinder (Hersheypark)

3. Anaconda (Kings Dominion)


However, for all coasters that opened in 1991:


1. Phantom's Revenge (as Steel Phantom...Kennywood)

2. Vortex (Canada's Wonderland)

3. Ultimate (Lightwater Valley)


Bullet also opened at Flamingo Land the year I was born, but as that was a relocation I'm excluding it.

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I can only find one for my year - but it's a goody...


1953 ~ The Oldest Coaster in Japan ~ Opened in Hanayashiki Park, Tokyo


Taken in the 2011 TPR Japan Tour, these guys marathoned the coaster, and cheered on by the park's

ride ops! I lost count after 30...

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!985 wasn't exactly a banner year for coasters but I guess I'll go with


1. SkyRider (wich was actually awkward enough at the end to make me like it more than Shockwave at KD)

2. Viper (Astroworld)

3. Disaster Transport.


These are the only 3 I have been on, but I would assume Le Monstre would be better than DT.

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1998 Checking in!


1- Shivering Timbers (Michigan's Adventure)


2- Volcano, The Blast Coaster (Kings Dominion) ... Not counting Texas Tornado


3- Mamba (World's Of Fun) - Probably the best looking Morgan Hyper


Great Bear, Excaliber, Ghostrider, G'sengte Sau (First Gerstlauer Coaster), the Mr. Freeze twins, and Batman and Robin The Chiller all also opened in 1998... Twas a great year for coasters

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Huh. 1994 was a really productive year for coasters. Also just realized someone else just did that year. Oh well.


1. Nemesis (Alton Towers)- Definitely the stand-out. And I still consider it one of the best inverts out there.


2. TOGO Ultratwisters (Japan)- Probably the only good thing to ever come out of TOGO. There's even a rainbow-colored one!


3. Comet (Great Escape) & Raptor (Cedar Point)- ... because everything else is either a clone, meh, or absolute crap.


Three Batman clones, two Hurlers, Corkscrew, Pepsi Max Big One, Desperado, Hoosier Hurricane, White Cyclone (and its evil brother White Canyon), Zach's Zoomer, Schweizer Bobbahn, Shockwave (Drayton) and the world's worst SLC (Condor @ Walibi) also came out in '94.

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