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Top 3 Roller Coasters From Your Birth Year

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1) The coaster that started the "renaissance era" of the roller coaster, Kings Island's Racer

2) Schwarzkopf's first Jumbo Jet at Cedar Point, sadly defunct

3) Arrow's experiment with a larger mine train coaster, Excalibur at Astroworld, also defunct



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1991. While a few woodies built during this year didn't age well (and Psyclone got torn down), I still feel Mean Streak makes the cut.


If I had to say....here's the Top 3 from 1991.


1) The Ultimate (Lightwater Valley)

2) Mean Streak (Cedar Point) (wasn't so bad this year)

3) Anaconda (Kings Dominion)


Honestly, if it still counts, I'd say Steel Phantom could replace Anaconda. But that's up to you all seeing as it was a modified ride to become Phantom's Revenge.

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Not much to work with in 1982! Only one that I've even been on.


1 - Grizzly @ King's Dominion. One I'm more fond of than most seem to be, at least.


Beyond that...lots of family coasters and portables, or coasters on the other side of the world!

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The only two worth mentioning were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland and "Beast" at KI. Honorable mention being Jr Gemini. Other than that, it was a big year for Schwarzkopf and it seemed everyone got a corkscrew coaster that year as well.


Out of the 35 coasters built that year, only 13 remain operating with one SBNO.


However, there was a nice TOGO standup and sitdown coaster built.

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Interestingly enough, the only 4 coasters opened in my birth year - 1958, are still operating. Big Dipper at Camden Park, Coaster and Wild Mouse at Playland, Wild Mouse at Pleasure Beach Blackpool. Sadly, haven't ridden any of them.

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I've only ridden one from 2000, so I'll just list the notables(and there are a lot of them):


Millenium Force: First Giga Coaster

Steel Dragon 2000: Tallest, Longest Rollercoaster

Son of Beast: Tallest, Longest, Fastest, first coaster with inversions

The Boss: Fastest for a month until SoB opened

Goliath at SFMM

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