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Top 3 Roller Coasters From Your Birth Year

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Born in 1975. Not a lot from that year that is still operating (only 5 rides).

However...to my surprise and delight...Space mountain at the Magic Kingdom was built in that year.....and given that we do a yearly Disney trip, I have been on it.


The only other two that I recognised on the list were "Woodstock express" at Carowinds (I doubt I will ever get there...not really high up on the must go list, sorry Carowinds) and "Rebel Yell" at Kings Dominion, which I am sure I will get to in due course.


Interesting thread.

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1991: Only rode Anaconda (Kings Dominion). Janky, but I can find enjoyment most times I ride it (unlike, say, Mind Eraser).


Going to Canada's Wonderland in less than two weeks for Vortex, and as an Arrow Suspended fanboy, I have high hopes.


Since we seem to be counting Phantom's Revenge as 1991, I'll throw that in after my 2019 trip.

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1999 (aka B&M galore):


1. Afterburn (#1 only because I've ridden it and love it)


2. Dragon Challenge ( )


3. Apollo's Chariot


Other contenders are Raging Bull, Incredible Hulk, a Batman clone, Georgia Scorcher, and a couple Premier spaghetti bowls. Oh, and Ride of Steel at Darien Lake.

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I'm afraid I have just about come up empty handed, or close to it, especially considering that not a single one of the dozen or so coasters that opened in my birth year is still operating. So I'd never be able to ride any of them unless someone builds a time machine.


But amazingly, I did get to ride one of them, one that I actually enjoyed, though it was no where near as thrilling as most of the steel coasters built more recently. The now scrapped Wildcat at CP was first opened about a month after I was born in 1970.



I'd have to pick Wildcat as #1, because of course that's the only one I rode. As for two others, there were two woodies and the rest appear to have been most a bunch of Schwarzkopf steelies like Wildcat. Tornado, an out and back woodie at the defunct Florida park Petticoat Junction, looks like it might have been fun.


Also interesting is one called Toboggan, which was one of those mysterious coasters that never opened to the public. It appears to have been a forerunner to the mountain coasters which are often found at ski resorts today.



And speaking of defunct parks, one of the coasters, a Jet Star, was also at the abandoned Spreepark in Germany.


BTW, if anyone is interested, here is the entire list for 1970:


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1. Great American Scream Machine (SFoG)

2. Carolina Goldrusher (Carowinds)

3. Zambezi Zinger (Worlds of Fun) - now Broca at Colombian National Coffee Park


I've ridden the first two but will probably never experience the third.

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I was born in 1968, and I needed to consult the Roller Coaster Data Base to list out my top three.


1) Shooting Star - This wooden coaster used to be located at Lakeside Park in Salem, VA. I had the pleasure of riding this bad boy many times. Alas, this ride, along with this park, is no more as it closed in 1986 after a massive flood. Parts of the coaster have been recycled and built into a stage at Floyd Fest.


2) Cyclone - A wild mouse coaster that is still operating at Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, TX. While I haven't rode this ride, I have ridden many coasters of this type.


3) Devil's Den - This is more a roller coaster/dark ride hybrid still operating at Conneaut Lake Park, PA. While I have never rode this ride, I have rode a similar ride at Camden Park called "Haunted House".


I'm fifty-one years old and still riding roller coasters: someone pass around the champagne!

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1. Superman Escape From Krypton (was called Superman The Escape when I last rode it)


2. Steel Force


3. Alpengeist (have yet to go on that one though)


If we're only counting rollercoasters that we have been on, my number 3 would be Tower of Terror II

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I know I posted last year, but 1999 was such an iconic year for roller coasters that it is pretty much impossible to come up with just three.


The Top 3 from 1999 that I've Ridden:


1. Afterburn

2. Joker's Jinx

3. Georgia Scorcher

Bizarro is also an honorable mention.


The Top 3 from 1999 that I Haven't Ridden but *Seem* the Best:


1. Dueling Dragons

2. Incredible Hulk

3. Apollo's Chariot

Not to mention Raging Bull, Roar, Gwazi, Tennessee Tornado, Invertigo, Two Face, Poltergeist, Ride of Steel, and the list goes on...


Obviously I was far too young to care, but how did you guys even process the amount of coasters added in 1999 and 2000? Looking through the list on RCDB, I can't believe that many coasters were added in North America alone with some parks receiving multiple coasters. It's fascinating.

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Obviously I was far too young to care, but how did you guys even process the amount of coasters added in 1999 and 2000?

It was an exciting time to be a teenager for sure.


Personally, I begged my dad to go to Cedar Point or Universal Islands of Adventure...but he would not. So now I'm taking my kids to all the theme parks, because dads always live out what they couldn't do as kids....

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