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  1. We are planning a trip to England and Sweden and would like advice on an itinerary. Planning to arrive at LHR the morning of 8/23. My thoughts are as follows: 23 Chessington 24 Thorpe 25 tour London 26 either West Midland Safari or Gullivers MK AND Drayton Manor 27 Alton Towers 28 Flamingo Land and Lightwater Valley 29 Blackpool 30 Southport Pleasureland then possibly tour Liverpool and/or Gullivers Warrington 31 fly from MAN to Sweden We are the type to need a vacation after a vacation - we like to see and do all we can while traveling. My questions are is this doable given that the parks close so early (compared to the US) and am I missing anything that I should replace something above with? Thanks so much for your assistance.
  2. Can you bring any can of Coke (i.e. Diet Coke) or does it have to be just a regular, 12 oz. can?
  3. Does anyone have an idea of what this pass costs? I can't find any info online either.
  4. Is there a projected opening? We are going to Texas but are afraid this won't be ready in time
  5. Has anyone been here on July 4th? We have been to Kings Island and Dorney on the 4th before and didn't find them overly crowded. We'd like to do a trip which included Hershey. It comes first in the order of our drive and for many reasons we have to go from the 4th to the 12th. Any thoughts?
  6. Any chance for 1 day bashes? We had a great time at WCB last year and would love to do some more!
  7. Oh my, talk about a post that dates one. The only one of note and that is still operating is the Matterhorn Bobsleds.
  8. Our flight gets in at 8:40 on Friday and we are planning to head straight to USH. I know some others are planning on spending the day there as well so maybe we can all hang out for at least a little while.
  9. ^ Tganks, those are great. We are really looking forward to WCB, DL/CA, UHS, SW, and hopefully a little beach time! I think Epsom salts and ibuprofen will be my new best friends LOL
  10. ^^. Thanks for the WOC info - that will help. We are planning on getting the SoCal pass which includes a 3 day hopper and will be there on Wednesday and Thursday but wondering whether Friday or Saturday would be best for the third day to hit the just opened attractions and Halloween time. We have never been to DL an may never get back so we want to do as much as possible!
  11. Unfortunately our flight leaves Sunday morning the 14th. I figure we can go to DL on the 10th & 11th and do a lot. We'd just like to know if it would be better to go Friday or Saturday to hit the reopenings and Halloween time. Any thoughts about that?
  12. We have never been to DL and don't know if we will get back. Their schedule shows California Screamin' down the 9th-11th and Haunted Mansion opening on the 12th for Halloween Time. If you have any other insight or an opinion on whether Saturday the 13th would be better than Dapper Days please let me know. I've been trying to work out our itinerary and keep reading conflicting reports which is making that difficult. I'd love to hear what SoCal experts think.
  13. Our flight gets in just before 9am and we are planning on getting a car and heading there on Friday. Are those days set? We were originally going to go the 9th-11th until we saw the rehab schedule and changed to 10th-12th. Anyone else have any other plans set?
  14. Does this rate include parking? I can't really tell on HW's site. Priceline express deal says it does, but the deal is higher so that negates the savings. I do have a Platinum Pass so would that get me free parking at the hotel anyway?
  15. This was an awesome event! Although we weren't lucky enough to get a campsite in the park, we have a camper and had our own campout at Walmart. There were several other campers already there when we pulled in the parking lot at about 12:30 and can I tell you there was someone pitching a tent there LOL! Tony and staff went all out and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of their efforts to make this a special event. We were able to bring event newbies who had no idea how great it is to go to a park this way. I'm sure they will be joining our ranks soon. I also hate to hear the complaining. This event was totally FREE so just be grateful for it. Sometimes things happen that are disappointing (such as TTD being down during Coastermania), but life is so much better if you become an adult and learn to roll with the punches.
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