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Smoothest Coaster You've Ridden?

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Griffon is so ridiculously smooth I actually hoped it'd "roughen up" a bit.


It didn't.

Haha! I actually wonder how some rather rough coasters would be if they were smooth. And when I think of furius baco I get the impression it wouldn't be quite as exiting.

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Dare Devil Dive at SFoG was "science fiction smooth" when I last rode it.



Surprised no one has mentioned the RMC conversions (probably because of all the bolts they hit).

RMC Goliath was one of the smoothest coasters I've ridden, wooden or steel.


Also, Lightning Run



Really? Definitely not in the back seat

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Can't pick one because there are many that are pretty much perfectly smooth. I know even after all these years MForce is pretty much glass smooth still.


Irony of course is I sometimes, sometimes, hate when a ride is soooo smooth it feels like nothing!

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Since most of my coaster credits are all overseas, this is my current smooth fave...


Raging Spirits in Tokyo Disney Sea. The truth is, I think a lot of people on the 2013 TPR Japan Tour

were totally surprised at how well the re-fitting and renovations worked on the coaster. For myself, it

actually felt smooth as glass, the tracks did! I was shocked. And my partner David was so taken with

it, he rode solo on one of it's turns!


Smooth as a Japanese baby's bottom - take that, Kumali! (o;

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out of my recent adventures, SFGM, SFMM, Knott's, Cedar Point and Kings Island...


Silver Bullet really stands out. I hadn't ridden in a couple years or so, and rode Banshee a couple weeks before. Silver Bullet was amazingly smooth. I always new so, but after riding Raptor and Banshee, SB is way smoother than both.


other notables, are YOLO minus the first launch. not much track for it to feel not smooth tho. lol


RMC SFGA Goliath is really smooth too.


SFMM Goliath is smooth as others have mentioned but the mid course brakes are a joke now. Sometimes completely stopping the train. Other than that, it's smooth. It is better than when it first opened and the chunky wheels tho. lol

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Some of the smoothest I've been on: milennium Force (front)

Steel Force



Maverick (it has snappy transitions, but when you think about the actual ride experience, I think it is one of the smoothest coasters I've been on.)

Well I know that shorter people do get some head banging from It. It's bouncy but I think it's supposed to be that way.


Smoothest for me I'd have to say Corkscrew..........JK! That thing is just AWFUL!


But the smoothest I've ridden is in the same park! Gatekeeper!

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I thought this was an interesting thread and worth reviving.


The absolute smoothest coaster I've been on us Goliath at Six Flags Great America. The poly wheels on the steel track make it the smoothest ride of any sort, wooden or steel.


The smoothest older ride out there is Batman. 20+ years now, and they still seem new.

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This one is going to sound ridiculous, but it's more of a shout out for "improved relative smoothness".


I've been riding the Cyclone at Coney Island in Brooklyn for a long time, and it's been a bone crusher for much of that time.


But it's been recently retracked over a number of seasons, and I have to say that I was shocked at how smooth it was when we visited in August. I even said to myself, "smooth as butter", but of course it was relative to the other rides I've had on it.


So check it out. It's actually fun, not bracing yourself for an anticipated backbreaking injury.

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