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Six Flags Announces a Park in Dubai

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It's like it's 2008 again with all these projects being announced for Dubai. But here goes...




Six Flags-Branded Theme Park to Open in Dubai


GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas, April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: SIX), the world's largest regional theme park company, and Meraas Leisure and Entertainment LLC, announced today a new strategic partnership to bring a Six Flags-branded theme park to Dubai. The project is planned to open in late 2017 and will be located within the multi-themed park project in Jebel Ali launched by Meraas.


"The cornerstone of our international expansion strategy has always been finding the right partner in the right location and, with Meraas in Dubai, we have done exactly that," said Jim Reid-Anderson, Chairman, President and CEO of Six Flags Entertainment. "We are honored to be working with this world-class organization as the first significant strategic step taking the Six Flags brand to growing and successful markets outside North America."


Raed Al Nuaimi, Chief Leisure and Entertainment Officer, Meraas L&E, said: "We are delighted to have a world-leading theme park company and a brand like Six Flags on board. We are confident their presence will perfectly complement our project and further enhance our overall offerings in the leisure and entertainment space."


"As part of our commitment towards creating one-of-a-kind experiences and contributing towards the Dubai Tourism Vision 2020, our association with Six Flags will help us develop a world-class destination that redefines the industry and positively impacts the regional tourism sector."


Terms of the arrangement were not disclosed.


About Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is the world's largest regional theme park company with $1.1 billion in revenue and 18 parks across the United States, Mexico and Canada. For 53 years, Six Flags has entertained millions of families with world-class coasters, themed rides, thrilling water parks and unique attractions including up-close animal encounters, Fright Fest® and Holiday in the Park®. For more information, visit http://www.sixflags.com.


About Meraas Leisure and Entertainment LLC

Meraas L&E is the leisure and entertainment arm of Meraas Holding, a Dubai-based real estate development company, which creates integrated master-planned communities embodying global standards of sustainability and quality.


As a premier provider of leisure and entertainment experiences, Meraas L&E is mandated to develop a portfolio of refreshingly innovative landmark projects that redefine Dubai's as well as the wider region's tourism and entertainment landscape.


SOURCE Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

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At least this is more likely to happen than most new parks in China. Just hope that Dubai's tourism can make this park successful if it is happening because sounds like Ferrari World did not get as many visitors as planned.



Based on Screamscape reports, It has extended hours/days of operations and added new rides. Apparently the Tyre Twist teacups ride helped attendance. Also according to A Certain map search engine, It is approximately 72.4 miles from Dubai. Kind of Like Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa.

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I originally thought that I loved this idea of a new Six Flags park that is built from the ground up (even if it's one I'll never visit). Then I realized that Six Flags could end up just sending some recycled rides from other parks to a brand new park, which seems likely even if that brand new park is built Dubai.


Seeing other (semi) recent major projects in Dubai though, I feel that a new Six Flags park could actually turn out to be fairly impressive!

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When SFA's coasters are getting old, this is their new home.


When Six Flags Dubai's coasters are getting old, SFA is their new home. SFA will always be the bastard child of the chain.


(This is assuming that this park is ever built, which it won't be).

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Some concept art of the previous Six Flags project in Dubai:




bird's-eye view artwork by Jim Michaelson, Goddard Group




3D render



Major rides:



The Dubai Giant - B&M mega coaster (custom design, record-breaking 100m / 328 ft tall)

Colossus - Intamin wooden coaster ("enhanced" El Toro clone)

Screamin' Eagle - B&M dive coaster (Griffon clone)

Revolution - Maurer Söhne launched coaster (custom)

X-Flight - Vekoma suspended family coaster (custom)

Ninja - Gerstlauer or Mack spinning coaster

Tatsu - Mack water coaster (custom)


Tidal Wave - Mack super splash

Splashwater Falls - log flume

Roaring Rapids - Intamin river rapids


Pandemonium - Huss giant frisbee

Z-Force - Mack mad house

Magic Pagoda - tilt house walkthrough ride



More artwork:






"Here's a glimpse into the park's spectacular arrival sequence, including the "Roller Coaster Road" driveway that would have led guests to the breathtaking toll plaza set within the superstructure of the COLOSSUS wooden coaster."



access road



parking lot entrance



park entrance



sculpture in front of the main gate









"Stepping outside from the Welcome Pavilion, guests would have received a grand vista looking out over the park and its backdrop of signature coasters, before ramping down through lush gardens and into an oasis-like shopping district filled with hidden discoveries and surprises."



main street



main street, looking back at the park entrance



kaleidoscope-themed ferris wheel



central HUB gates to different lands






"Here's a look at the CELEBRATE themed zone from SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND.


The land's concept was that an abandoned industrial waterfront had been taken over and transformed by a band of artists, with all the massive equipment repurposed as the rides. Signature attractions would have included REVOLUTION (Maurer launch coaster), PANDEMONIUM (Huss Giant Frisbee), and TIDAL WAVE (Mack Super Splash)."






"The land of WONDER would have transported guests into a mystical Asian forest packed with incredible surprises.


Attractions here would have included new takes on NINJA (Gerstlauer or Maurer Spinning Coaster), TATSU (Mack Water Coaster), and the MAGIC PAGODA (Tilt House Walk-Through)."






"One of the most unique themed zones within SIX FLAGS DUBAILAND was IMAGINE- a dramatic futurescape home to several dynamic attractions including X-FLIGHT (Vekoma Family Inverted Coaster), and Z-FORCE (Mack Mad House)."






"PLAY- a colorful kinetic world set just behind the giant spinning discs of the park's Kaleidoscope icon. This area would have been home to many of the park's child-centric attractions, as well as some larger ones including the Splashwater Falls log flume."






"The land of DISCOVER would have been a coaster enthusiast's dream.


Tapping into Six Flags' mythological brands, here guests would have found the park's largest and most intense coasters, including THE DUBAI GIANT (world's tallest non-launch coaster), and COLOSSUS (enhanced El Toro clone). Flat rides included TITAN, GOLIATH, CATAPULT, and others."



"The Dubai Giant" - 100m (328ft) tall B&M Giga Coaster






"EXPLORE transported guests right into the heart of the golden age of transportation with an arsenal of spectacular attractions including the SCREAMIN' EAGLE (B&M Dive Machine), ROARING RAPIDS (Intamin Rapids Ride), and a classic Antique Cars driving ride threaded through the whole land."



"Screamin' Eagle" - B&M Diving Coaster / Griffon clone










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Cedarfair repeats ride names as well. Flight deck, thunderhawk, thunder canyon, woodstock express...ect


I sometimes feel that people just enjoy bashing six flags about anything. Funny thing is, most of the complaints about six flags happen at other chain parks as well.

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