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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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My prediction is that some park will want to build the world's first wooden vertical drop some time in 2016-2017, and RMC will be the one to do it. Then launched woodies will follow soon after. (At least that's my dream )

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Kind of funny that I haven't even been on the Scandi Tour yet and I'm already thinking of going back.


You are so welcome over here, just keep coming!


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Right now, I don't know of any webcam, but I hope there will be one. If there is one, it probably won't be up for a while, because the ride doesn't open for two more years, and it probably hasn't even started construction yet (I could be wrong, though).

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I was just on Kolmarden's Facebook page looking at the comments of reactions to Wildfire from April, and apparently, people over there aren't very happy about Wildfire. Everyone there is complaining that they aren't spending money on the animals because of Wildfire. The park responded saying that their first priority is still the animals, but that's not my main point. How on Earth can these people possibly be mad about a roller coaster like this?! Even though these people may not be aware that RMC coasters are mind-blowing, I thought that they would eat this up. I just don't get it.

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^^ if it was built in a theme park I'm sure 99% of the visitors would like it. Now it's beeing built in a zoo. The annual visitors are there for the animals, it's not strange that they don't get excited for a rollercoaster.


I'm sure Wildfire will be enjoyed by alot of the regulars and it will also attract people like me (never been to Kolmården) to the park.

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