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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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Kolmården have lost it's permission to build Wilfire!


The town gave permission which have been appealed up until the higher level of "county" government which have now rejected the coaster.


It will most likely be appealed higher, but the ride will most likely face delays, things like this tend to take time.


They state that the reason is lack of a zoning plan for the area, and resistans from nearby locals and that the park is close to a protected nature area.

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Here is the translated article:


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Planning permission for the roller coaster suspended




Animals & Nature, Environment & Climate, People & Society, Urban Planning & heritage


Subject area

Planning issues


Kolmarden Zoo may not permit to build a roller coaster. Östergötland County Administrative Board cancels the Municipality of Norrköping decision on building permits, which were taken last fall. County Board rejects the zoo's application for planning permission on the grounds that it requires a detailed plan before the question can be reviewed.


Norrköping Municipality granted Kolmårdens Zoo AB planning permission for a roller coaster October 8, 2014. The decision has been appealed by several parties, associations and individuals.


According to the master plan is the relevant part of the area designated as a zoo. The area lacks detailed plan. Roller coaster is supposed to be placed directly adjacent to the existing zoo. The plant will be located near nature reserve and area of ​​national interest for nature conservation and outdoor recreation.

The County Board believes that the roller coaster will have a major impact on the environment. It will, among other things, to change the landscape, cause increased noise levels and affect the traffic situation. Therefore, a detailed plan in place before the roller coaster can be checked by a planning application, consider the County Administrative Board.


The decision can be appealed to the Land and Environment Court.

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