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  1. Thanks guys. I appreciate it! That's true, historyfreak92. Twister is missing. I will most likely not include it. Mainly because it's too hard to recreate, and because it would make the park look very messy. But we'll see. Maybe I'll give it a try after all.
  2. Hi, Welcome to a new RCT2 project and a new reacreation. Last time, I recreated Liseberg. If you want to download and check it out in-game, you can do so by clicking on the link. Now the mission is to recreate Gröna Lund. The project started about 6-7 months ago, and it's probably 80% finished already. So here are some screenshots. Hope you like it! (if you want full size screens, just right click on the screens and open them up in a new tab) First out is the fire department near Gröna Lund. In reality it's a tram shed, but I thought a fire department would be funnier to build. Second screen is showing the classic Schwarzkopf coaster, Jetline, and the Wild Mouse, Vilda musen. Also visible is the Sky screamer, Eclipse, and the Vekoma coaster called Kvasten. This screen shows a ferry called Freja. It's based on a Swedish TV-show called Rederiet. A lot of big ferrys like this are passing by in the ocean next to Gröna Lund. Next screen is from the entrance area of the park. Game stalls, bumper cars, restaurants etc. Lastly a picture of the park from above. As mentioned earlier it's about 80% finished. My goal is to complete it before the the end of the year. Not sure if that will happen, but lets hope. If you guys want to catch the latest updates from this project you can follow it here at New Element
  3. Can't wait to see this park in-game. Everything looks so good! Your architecture is inspiring.
  4. I uploaded the files you seem to miss, Paradox. The zip file contains AE-PTRPN, SFTRAM, and JAGIGLT. Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll try to help the best I can. As Coasterbill said, put the files in the ObjData folder. It's located in your RCT2 folder. OBJECTS.zip RCT2 OBJECTS
  5. Glad you liked it Coasterbill! Did you solve the problem, Paradox?
  6. Thank you. It's already finished. You can download it here if you want. Here is the overview, a 9 MB screenshot.
  7. Hi, So, the park is now released at New Element. Here is the overview (9 MB giant screenshot) And you'll find the download link here (nedesigns.com)
  8. Hi TPR, So, I recreated Liseberg in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. I know roller coaster games have a section of their own here at TPR, but since a lot of people love the real park, and not necessarily play any of the games, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you here. I hope that's ok. If you don't have the game, you could look at the park from this screenshot (9 MB) If want to look at it in-game, there is a download link here (nedesigns.com)
  9. Sorry about that G Force: Let's see if this works better:
  10. Hey TPR. This is my last update before the release on nedesigns.com. I will post the download link here when the park is up. Hope you all like it. There are a few things left to do before it's finished. I recently hit the object limit. But it's not the biggest problem. Here are a few new screenshots. Hope you enjoy. The station buildings of Helix and Atmosfear have gotten a new and more accurate look. I also added the IMAscore Helix soundtrack into the game. I hope to be able to get the new Mack custom trains made by X7123M3-256 on nedesigns (You can have a look at them here) (Open the screens in a new tab for bigger size.) This screen shows Universeum: Kållerado has gotten a new enviroment, with more trees, plants and stones: EDIT: Screens are hopefully visible in the comment below.
  11. Does anyone have a clue what kind of an attraction being built, now that Uppskjutet, Höjdskräcken and Pariserhjulet are gone? Could it be a sky screamer or something similar? Would love to know...
  12. Hey TPR, Long time no see. I decided to work on this park a little while longer, to make it as good as possible. Therefore no release yet. I've been busy with school lately and haven't had the time to finish it. Hopefully this is done around Christmas (definitely next year) Follow my project at New Element: http://www.nedesigns.com/project/295/liseberg/ Here are some new screens. Hope you enjoy: Overview from today: Restaurant Trebello: Interested in fast food instead? Try Comics!
  13. Wow, this looks great! I like it a lot. I would love to see a recreation of Blue Fire
  14. Thanks for your comments! Some of you might have seen these pictures on nedesigns.com but i thought i should share them here on TPR too.
  15. It's actually a hack, made with 8 cars. There is a tutorial here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=62508 Thank you. Glad you like it. Update: This is what the overview looks like right now. The 3 amazing Gothia Towers are in place. They aren't finished yet, but it's getting closer. Lisebergshjulet and Helix station Flumeride and rowing boat area.
  16. Normally they go away by them selfs after some time. There are two things you can do as far as I know. - You can use Map Object Manipulation and lower that tile or - you can click on Debug -> Eliminate duplicate Suface Data -> Landscape -> Cap land at max height
  17. Thank you very much. Thank you. Nice! Yes, Liseberg is great! Hope you have a great trip. Thank you. ... Kanonen & Balder. Lisebergbanan & Helix
  18. Hi ThemeParkReview. -------- Park is now finished You can download it here if you want. Here is the overview, a 9 MB screenshot. Enjoy! -------- I thought i should share a few screenshots of my Liseberg recreation. If i remember correctly this project started in late 2014. I've been working hard since. It isn't that much to do left, but i suppose it's at least 1 week until it's entirely finished. The real park is the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia. The park has some really good coasters, for example Balder, Helix, Lisebergbanan and Kanonen. A lot of members here on the forum followed the construction work of Helix in the "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, & Donkeys!" section, so i thought maybe some of you may like to know about this recreation.
  19. I tried for ages but nothing seemed to work. I also created a custom exe file for 8 cars, but when running 8 Cars and RCT2 they didn't cooperate. In the end i got so tired of it, i installed Windows XP with Parellels Desktop instead. It saves a lot of time tbh. Even if yoru're able to make it work with wineskin, it's not for sure that all of the options in 8 Cars will work properly anyway. I doubt merging tracks will work. I really recommend Parallels Desktop. Lagom
  20. Mack Rides released a new video of Helix last week. It's by far the best video of Helix i've seen. Enjoy
  21. Kolmarden updated their Youtube channel 6 hours ago with an interview with Robb talking about Wildfire and Grona Lund.
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