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  1. "The Ghost of Mr. Hyde" by Skull Smith This is a track you're not going to want to miss!
  2. In the spirit of the wooden coaster above, this one was also built over a year ago. STEEL COBRA However, you all think it's new, so that's what matters.
  3. I built this wooden roller coaster over a year ago, but decided to release it within the last month. THE FLY Downloadable under the "Wood" section of the opening post.
  4. @sirloindude, thank you! The logbook is filled with plenty more tales of funnel cakes and tomfoolery. After the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the release of their second river rapids, Brookwood Gardens chose to continue riding the dumbwaiter of success before the flimsy rope snapped and sent them crashing back to the crypt. Since they had triumphed with a water ride, they concluded that a second water ride would be three times as successful. Despite the obvious deficiency in both their funds and their math skills, they were able to collect enough cash to build a pirate-themed log flu
  5. We at Brookwood Enterprises apologize for the lack of communication during the past six months. Last September, the Brookwood Gardens logbook spontaneously combusted, and we've just finished piecing it back together and translating it into English from Swahili. The southern region of the park is home to the Wild West portion, with one of those regions being the Rocky Mountains. This region was named for its resemblance to a flat version of the Rocky Mountains, and can be found west of the American Southwest region and east of the Middle East. Guests walking due south parallel to the Weste
  6. Located deep in the wilderness somewhere in North America, this award-winning, forest-themed park is home to 39 rides, including 12 roller coasters, and more foot and train bridges than any other park in the world. To keep the theme consistent and authentic, wolves are legally allowed to roam free in the park. Also, mountain lions. Not that it makes a difference within the confines of RCT2. Download link: http://rctgo.com/downloads/download/16343 From this... ...to this... ...to this: No custom s
  7. Thank you, kind sir! Now show us those scenarios of yours. Instead of an entirely new track design, this new one is actually a refurbished version of one of my older designs. Industrial Force: Reloaded replaces the bland, basic buildings with vibrant, futuristic scenery in a faux jungle atmosphere. 2013 2017 Both will remain available for download under the "Terrain" section near the bottom of the opening post.
  8. This page is quite long. It's time to make it even longer. Rogue One Most riders agree it's better than the movie.
  9. At the end of 2015, I took a new approach to building coasters. Rather than designing tracks that can be used in scenarios, I focused on creating entire landscapes around terrain coasters. All three of the following were built entirely from scratch on a flat 50x50 platform without the use of custom scenery: ARROYO VILDEBERG GOLDEN DRAGON
  10. Inspired by, but not a recreation of, Legoland California's Technic Coaster, I decided to build my own version surrounded by a wall of enormous Lego blocks, which are made solely from vanilla scenery and therefore accessible to every RCT2 player. So for those of you who have always wanted a LEGO-themed coaster that requires no CS whatsoever, I present to you LEGO Engine Test Track. DOWNLOAD LEGO ENGINE TEST TRACK
  11. All the Brookwood Gardens coasters have been added to the list, and the park should find its way there before the end of the year. A new coaster is also available for download. Spyder is a twister roller coaster with eight inversions and a custom vanilla support job. DOWNLOAD SPYDER
  12. The final Brookwood Gardens coaster, which was released for download nearly a month ago, makes it's thread debut. It's worth noting that even though this is the final coaster, there will still be several more updates before the park is released. Here's Frankenstein: The Ride. In November 1994, a film adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was released, grossing over 100 million US dollars at the box office. These profits inspired Brookwood executives to release their own Frankenstein adaptation in the form of a roller coaster in the hopes that they too would receive an equally
  13. @dominionboy, thank you! Due to a crisis totally "not" related to donuts, updates have been slightly behind schedule. The final coaster will be added in a week, but for now, here's Kinnara. By the beginning of the twenty-tens, Brookwood Gardens was a moderately successful amusement park with eleven functioning roller coasters. Even though the attendance hadn't dropped significantly in many years, they knew that plummeting would ensue eventually if they didn't build a new roller coaster soon. For the first time in the park's history, the problem was not financial. Unlike in the
  14. Scorpio is here. In 1988, Arrow Dynamics built the first roller coaster with seven inversions, Shockwave. This was a memorable era for Six Flags Great America since that's where they decided to build it, but a downcast time for Brookwood Gardens, whose attendance had recently taken up its time-honored hobby of plummeting. Although the park had seen recent success during this decade with a triple-looping, river-dancing, Schwarzkopf-style looper, as well as moderate success with the refurbishment of a pomade-greased, track-slipping, sugary-good bobsled coaster, ticket sales declined in
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