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Coasting for Kids 2014 - Be part of Team TPR!!!

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^ Awesome! Welcome aboard Team TPR! Good Luck with your fundraising!!


Alright, I was away over the weekend and haven't had the chance to do an update to the first page until now.....but it's freshly updated with some new tidbits:


* I think I've picked up any new riders that have joined Team TPR, and their individual page links have been added.

* Team TPR has now hit 50 riders at the 10 parks where we are setup! Awesome stuff!!

* California's Great America has posted their event details!

* The latest Team TPR tally puts us at $4,851! We're closing in on $5k.....can we get there by the end of the week?


And finally, as you see above, we have teams setup at 10 of the 11 parks. Calling riders who are near Valleyfair - We need a Team TPR setup there!! If you're interested in participating at Valleyfair on Team TPR, please setup the team so we can link to it here! Thanks!


Less than 2 months to go, so keep that fundraising motivation high! Go Team TPR!!!

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I have signed up for a second year to Coast For Kids! Give Kids the World is something that is incredibly near and dear to my heart. I have organized my old high school musical director to support GKTW and collect donations at all 8 shows, independent of the money I can raise through this. I am really hoping to make a difference this year. I will be participating at King's Island instead of Cedar Point...couldn't turn down an hour on Diamondback and half an hour on Banshee.


I will be able to throw some more money around when I start working in a month, closer to the event. Thanks for anybody's help in the coming weeks and I cannot wait for the event!


Here is my fundraising link: http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1017239&pg=personal&fr_id=1236

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Question: I just got a cash donation from a friend. I used the offline donation feature to add it to my total, but how do I get the actual money to Give Kids the World? Anyone have any experience with this?


From what I read, you are supposed to bring any cash or check donations with you to the park and give it to them.

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Question: I just got a cash donation from a friend. I used the offline donation feature to add it to my total, but how do I get the actual money to Give Kids the World? Anyone have any experience with this?


I have brought both cash and checks with me to the event. They will accept them from you outside the park at the sign in table. Make sure that you put any donations into an envelope with your name on them, so they know who they came from.



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Valleyfair, here we come!!! After getting a prospective team together (they should be signed up soon), some friends and I decided to road trip up to Minnesota for the event. TPR will now be represented at ALL parks!!




Just signed up for my third year at a third park. This year will be at Valleyfair.


Thanks for setting up and joining our Team TPR at Valleyfair, guys!! Welcome aboard, and happy fundraising! Okay, so who is going to give the guys at Valleyfair their first donation??


Several new teammates at some of the parks - a big hearty welcome to all new members of Team TPR!! It's great to see this train of support keep growing. We're now at a hearty 56 Team TPR members overall, which is awesome! I was able to have a great chat with Robb at Banshee's Media Day about Coasting For Kids, and he mentioned to keep your eyes open for some upcoming great "goodies" that will be tied to making donations to Team TPR members!


Annnnd, the latest total, ran at 5:30 pm today, now stands at an impressive $6,712! Great job, and keep up the awesome work everybody!


Last but certainly not least, I felt it was time again to share another great Kara story about GKTW. This one is from last year and touches upon the founder of GKTW, and how he took a horrific childhood experience and used it as motivation to help create this wonderful place to help children. What this man has done considering those circumstances is nothing short of remarkable. Read on.....


This morning I'm going to write about our Founder, Henri Landwirth. When talking with supporters or giving tours of the Village, I always touch on Henri's past-- but truthfully it isn't something I go in-depth about a whole lot. Even though it's difficult, I feel compelled to share a little bit more than usual about Henri's story with you all, because it's truly inspiring and powerful.


Henri knows all too well what it is like to give up his childhood. Between the ages of 13 and 18, he spent his years in concentration camps, including Aushwitz and Mauthausen. He and his family, including his parents and his twin sister Margot, were separated almost immediately upon becoming prisoners at the start of the war. Both of his parents were killed, but remarkably Henri and Margot survived and later reunited.


Henri's last moments in the camps were gut-wrenching as he was taken out of his cellar by a soldier. He knew enough German to have no trouble understanding that the guards ordered the soldiers to take him and two other prisoners into the woods to be shot. Here's an excerpt from Henri's book, Gift of Life, about the day he escaped:


One of the greatest miracles of my life took place at this forest's edge on the way to my execution. One of the soldiers look troubled by the fact that he was going to have to shoot us. The soldier turned to his comrades and said, "The war is almost over. I don't want to kill these people." The other soldiers shrugged their soldiers. They didn't seem to want to kill us either. The soldier turned to us and said, "Line up over there facing the trees. I'm not going to shoot you. When I raise my gun, run into the woods."


There's no question that his horrific childhood could've resulted in a very bitter and resentful man. But, he turned it around and ultimately has ended up giving kids what was taken from him. Like Henri, the deserving children that GKTW serves have been robbed of their childhood, but when they're on their wish trips they get the chance to simply enjoy being a kid...they get their childhood back.


Henri is about to celebrate his 86th birthday on March 7, which coincides with our Founder's Day. Each year, Henri and Margot come to the Village to spend time with the families. The event is very private and low key, and each year I just sit there in awe as I watch him interact with the children, much of the time acting like a kid himself. He poses for photos and autographs books for the families, and every so often I catch a glimpse of his faded personal identification number tattooed by the Nazis on his left forearm. Thank you, Henri, for creating this amazing place!


GKTW Founder, Henri Landwirth

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My family is taking a long vacation this summer to Cedar Point. We will be there until the eighth, so we were planning on participating. However we have to be back home on Monday so we have to leave around 1. Is leaving the event early frowned upon/not allowed? I don't want to make people think we were there simply to get a little ERT and then dash. We love the event and Give Kids the World, so if it is going to be a problem leaving early we would be fine just being virtual riders.

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Just shot out 10 dollar donations to Mitchell at Canada's Wonderland, Ross at King's Island, Doug at King's Island, Hector at Valleyfair, Brigitte at Valleyfair, and 11 dollars to Kimberley at Dorney Park.


Mitch says thanks!


(and we [myself, Mitch and Cassie] are physically collecting donations and will enter them about a week before the event )

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My sister and I are both participating for the first time this year at Cedar Point! We are disappointed we have to leave early, but we are pumped to be supporting this great cause.


My personal page: support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1224616&pg=personal&fr_id=1233


My sister's personal page: support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1224617&pg=personal&fr_id=1233

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