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  1. I visited the park in early June. While I don't know what operations were like before, we had one bad experience and then opt for the Express pass, which was easily worth the investment! My wife and I started the day at Ferrari World to knock that park out. The line for Red Force wasn't extremely long, but we decided to wait in the single rider line to knock it out quickly... that was a mistake. We actually waited 5 minutes longer than the group of people who got in the regular line at the same time as we did. If they didn't have enough for a full train, they would go to the regular line to fi
  2. I’ll be at the park on the 6th, so I’m appreciating all the information! Barcelona is the last city on our two week European trip. I’m excited! Barcelona will likely kick off a near month for us. Hopefully Norwegian starts Madid or Barcelona from Denver as they have stated that they may. Southwest via Den from Tulsa and Norwegian across the pond. If not, I'll likely fly out of Memphis using points on United We're going from Tulsa to LAX, LAX to London. We'll be going through London, Paris, Rome, and Barcelona all with Chase UR! It's a final trip for us before we start to consider ki
  3. I’ll be at the park on the 6th, so I’m appreciating all the information! Barcelona is the last city on our two week European trip. I’m excited!
  4. Hey, everyone. I'll be in Barcelona for a few days the first week of June, I decided to take day out and see PortAventura. I've only ever heard good things about this park, so I don't want to miss it. Plus, a place that combines two of my favorite things, roller coasters and Ferrari, I'll be there. Since I don't know if I'll ever get the chance to go back, I was looking in to their express pass system. More than likely, I'll be going to during the week, but don't know what crowds usually look like around that time. Since I'll only have a day, and I'm a first time visitor, I was just
  5. I rode Cheetah Hunt this last January. It was also my 200th!
  6. Our passes just came in the mail, so we're going to be there opening weekend!
  7. After a fun filled weekend, I'm back from our trip! Thanks, again, to everyone who offered up some advice. We took most of it, and had a great time! Here's a TR for anyone interested! My wife, two friends, and I left Tulsa in the morning and arrived in Sanford/Orlando early in the afternoon. Because we arrived so early, we got to have some fun on Friday. Allegiant offers flights from Tulsa to Orlando for super cheap. Let me say, I'm not a fan of Allegiant, and you get what you pay for, but the deals are too good to pass up. We left the cold in Oklahoma for Sunny Florida! As luck would hav
  8. Thanks for all the advice, everyone! It seems that Fun Spot is a can't miss! I will add it to my list for sure! I'm pretty excited because I have never been to any of these parks. I'm really looking forward to it! I will be sure to post a TR when I return! Until then, thanks again!
  9. Hey everyone! After watching the awesome video of the Hogwarts Castle Christmas show that Robb put up, I decided to give my wife a trip to go see it as a Christmas gift since she is a big HP fan. Our flight lands at noon on Friday and departs Monday morning (1/5-1/8). Since the trip so quick, I wanted to get some opinions on maximizing some time. We're going to do Universal on Saturday since it's the last day of the show. I'm assuming the crowds will be big because of Christmas break and such; accurate assumption? I've never been to Universal or IOA; we'd like to be able to get all the co
  10. Go ahead and me me to that list well! I'm really excited for this!
  11. bobbie68, Sluggo77, and roflstomper, I appreciate the advice! Both help a ton! Thanks! Everyone in my party has a season pass, so we will avoid this bullet!
  12. I read a few pages back on this thread, but thought I would just ask the question. I'll be in the Boston area in a few weeks and was going to make my first trip to the park on Tuesday (7/18). For the locals, what are the crowds like during the week on a summer? I want to be able to hit all the major coasters, but won't have all day to dedicate being at the park. What's the best way to handle this park? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm really looking forward to this park! Thanks again!
  13. Three weeks from today, I'll be up at Six Flags New England then Six Flags America a couple of days after that!
  14. I'll be in the park tomorrow for a few hours in the afternoon. We have some business in Dallas, so I figured, why not get in to try and ride my first S&S Free Spin, and probably try to get a ride on NTAG and Mr. Freeze as well!
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