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  1. Cassy and Travis's Trip Report for Phantom Fall Fest Preview : Yesterday Travis and I attended Kennywood's Preview event for their new halloween event, Phantom Fall Fest. We have spent a lot of time at Kennywood, but have not been to their halloween events, so we didn't know what to expect! From my understanding, they used to have two separate halloween events; one for kids in the day, then they would close and reopen for the haunt event in the evening. Kennywood's new event Phantom Fall Fest combines the two events and lets families enjoy the festivities during the day and at 6pm the haunting starts, so families with small children know when to leave if they needed to. They had five mazes: 1. Villa of the Vampire-vampire themed maze that takes place in the arcade building, they clear out all the arcade machines and build this maze inside the building, very well themed! (I liked the skull wall) 2. Shady Grove Memorial Hospital-you are going undercover through this maze, to see what's going on with the patients and hospital staff, there's rumors of an evil doctor (where did all their eyes go?) 3. Dark Shadows- this is their "blackout" maze, which was the first of these that I've been in that was outdoors, and we went when it was slightly light outside and we still couldn't see anything! (I love these kind of mazes) 4. Kennyville Cemetery- Very cool cemetery themed maze, located at the front of the park (loved the ghost in the water!) 5. Voodoo Bayou-cool voodoo themed maze that takes place in the rapids ride, they empty out the water and you get to walk around where the water was which I thought was really cool! Also we were told they use their old dying plants from the season as decor for the maze! They also had four scare zones: 1. Fear Fest- this is a carnival themed walkthrough section where the kangaroo used to be (rip kangaroo) 2. Manor Estate Sale- cool little area that makes it seem like you are in someones house looking at their belongings 3. Hellbilly Hollow-name says it all, your classic hillbilly-zombie themed area, some very good scare actors! (they were always chasing someone) 4. The Departing-the final walkthrough, this takes place in the tunnel when you leave the park, they put scare actors in the tunnel and pump up the fog! (this starts later in the evening, I think 90 minutes before they close) Here are pictures from our evening: Kenny was in his halloween best! love sky rocket! such a fun ride next was phantoms revenge, loved the theming of decor since they are currently working on painting the track the purple track looks cool! sad that this ride was blocked off, but thought it was funny they decorated the blocked off area had to try the "scary waffle cone" you could choose the ice cream flavor, then it had orange sprinkles and gummy worms for the preview we tried some of the new seasonal offerings they have this year such as roasted corn, turkey legs, hamburger steak, and spooky desserts! Noah's ark is one of my favorite attractions here, its so unique! have to ride the whip! such a great ride! Lots of photo-op areas everywhere! picture of the voodoo bayou sign in the day, this was my favorite sign for the mazes I loved the effort they put into theming the haunt decor to what was going on, these guys are doing a little construction! Next for the preview event, we went on a behind the scenes tour of Villa of the Vampire. Like I said before, this maze was inside the arcade area and is built from scratch every year after they move all the arcade machines out. Super cool to see all the detail you don't get to admire when the maze is dark (and avoiding vampires). I thought Laffin' Sal was scary as she was! Now she's hanging out with the vampires! this is the main room where they explain the rules of the maze we got to go where the scare actors go, and see all the doors and windows they use Mark showing off one of the secret doors my favorite area! I want the skull wall for my house! the woman in the picture on the wall was an employee for that attraction for years before she passed away and they honor her by putting her photo in the room where she worked the most gotta take that spooky mirror selfie! one of the cool effects they use for the bug rooms is they have fishing wire that brushes against your face and hair making you feel like you're walking through webs Then we got to go behind the scenes and see makeup being done on scare actors, and look at some of their masks and props they use to transform scare actors for the the night! had to get some pictures back there too! this is where they work on everything for the upkeep on their wooden coasters RIP Also RIP (I really miss this one) Glad we went on this earlier in the day cause the whale was full! love seeing real chainsaws being used for haunts! they pumped fog into the carousel, I thought this was a really cool touch! we left a little earlier than when they started this walkthrough area, but there were some scare actors at the end of the tunnel had to take a spooky tunnel selfie Overall we had a good time, and really enjoyed the night! Our favorite maze was Voodoo Bayou, and we loved that all the areas had a ton of fog and really good scare actors! This is a great family event, with something for everyone to enjoy!
  2. I think you will be fine if you get fast lane, and like prozach626 said the lines tend to get shorter for the rides once the mazes open, and I know you said you aren’t interested in the mazes but I would try a couple at least! We really enjoy blackout and madame fatales cavern of terrors was really cool with ‘lights out’ plus it’s in then old crypt building! The only ride that might get super long lines will be the beast I would think, but its definitely worth waiting for when it gets really dark
  3. Cassy and Travis Halloween Haunt Trip Report! Yesterday we went to the opening night of haunt for their media event, here’s some pictures from our visit: Still love how they really transform the entrance of the park! Really gets me excited for spooks! Lanyard for the event A list of the mazes, no new mazes this year but there are a ton of new walkthrough experiences which I feel really adds to the experience. However there was a “lights out” version of Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror which we really enjoyed! They give you a glow stick when you enter and it really made that maze feel completely different in the dark There are so many monsters to see, and they are all running around the crowd of people They all gather on the stage and announce that the monsters will be unleashed They had an “opening ceremony” which was new to us and I thought was a cool concept, they march to the stage in front of the Eiffel Tower and there scare actors all holding flags of the mazes/walkthroughs that they represent Love these giant skeletons that are on each side of the fountain Made our way to the tower to see the view from above! You can see some of the walkthrough areas starting to get very foggy! Such a cool view from the top! Another funeral scene set up this year...are they getting rid of something else? This is from earlier in the night, the lines got a bit longer as it got darker. Footprints to the beast look so good! The entertainment was really cool, there was a fire breather and they had people twirling fire and we noticed that they were in the new drums of the dead show One of the food displays for one of the new walkthrough areas Went to the media area for some food, love this area! It is such a nice spot for the party Does this count as raiding Area 51? One of my favorite walkthrough areas, I really enjoy all of the pumpkins and they had scare actors in the pathway as well I really enjoy the theming of this maze and it really make you feel like you are going through different departments of a store Shipwrecked was a new walkthrough area and we really liked it, they had pirate themed scare actors with barnacles on their faces and the whole area felt transformed Haunted Homecoming is a newer show, it replaced Hot Blooded last year I believe There were a lot of talented singers this year which was great! Rivertown reaping was a new walkthrough as well, we really enjoyed the variety of new walkthrough areas, it really adds to the mazes and you’re still being scared as you walk to the next maze! Drums of the Dead was a new show this year and included good music and lots of fire! I took quite a few pictures of the tower, I really love the way it looks when it’s decorated all spooky Some of the merchandise for haunt I really like the new clown shirt 40th anniversary merchandise for the Beast Still really like the night package for this ride! night rides on the beast are a must! At the end of the night the front was so foggy that you could barely see the tower When a monster is behind you, just take a selfie! We really had a great time at the park, haunt is our favorite time of year to be at the parks and we always love seeing the changes and the new things they add!
  4. It’s hard to say, some of the larger riders got on with no problem but we did see some having to get off. Also the picture of the players riding the coaster, a couple had to get off cause the restraint didn’t fit over them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Cassy and Travis’s Steel Curtain Media Day TR!! Today we went to the media event for Steel Curtain! Here’s some pictures from our day: Terrible towels for everyone! Took a few different angles of the entrance sign Love the entrance to the new area! The sign is really cool! New gift shop full of Steelers themed merch! Love this new area, the coaster wraps the walkway nicely! The trains were very cool! Really well themed View from the back of the walkway I love how well framed the lift hill looks Look at that lift hill! The sign is really nice! My favorite spot to take pictures of the riders, I really like seeing the reactions Yay! Confetti!! There was also a band and fireworks! Steelers first ride Getting ready for the dedication ceremony! Up.... ...and down We had a great time!! This is a great new addition to the park and the whole area is really well themed! Reflection shots! The news all did interviews to see what the players thought of the new ride, they loved it!
  6. We went to the Steel Curtain Construction Tour on the 20th, here's some of the pictures we took! ready to see some construction! grab your hard hats, vests, and safety goggles! Banana Roll...that sounds delicious! here they had a press conference and discussed the new attractions that will be coming with the new roller coaster! they showed us the buildings they are working on for the new attractions for the steeler experience some of the parts had weights written on them which we thought was cool they brought this track piece while we were waiting to go for the tour! souvenirs? looks so good from afar as well! this concludes our trip report! the new skyline is looking good! Steel Curtain will be a nice addition! their workstation, we thought this was really cool to see progress on the part they were working on
  7. RIP Party Media Event 2017 9-22-17 This year Travis and I got to attend the Media Event on opening night of Halloween Haunt! This year the new attractions were "Wasteland" and "Dance of the Macabre" they were both newly added scare zones in pathways at the park. Wasteland was on the pathway to the Banshee and DropZone and it is themed like a wasteland and there were people running around in hazmat suits; get out, before its too late! Dance of the Macabre is under the Eiffel tower and there were little "stations" under the eiffel tower to take pictures and they also had scare actors running around, and posing at the stations when it got dark The crowds this year were nowhere near as bad as the previous years of opening night, which made it a great time to get some rides in as well! Here are some pictures from Friday night: the key is different this year! very steam-punk, super cool list of mazes, the new additions this year were scare-zones First ride of the night, love diamondback of course the beast was one of the first things we rode! we dead vortex loops! there were no lines whatsoever, got right on to these monsters rock show in the festhaus, loved the live band! thought this photo spot was really cool! you can see the eiffel tower eyes in the background they moved the halloween haunt hearse in front of hot blooded this year hot blooded is our favorite show! I love that you can see the tower and the eyes on it from all over the park, really cool! one of the "Dance of the Macabre" photo ops, there were little stations you could take photos in under the eiffel tower. Later on in the night there were scare actors in some of the photo ops time for Hot Blooded! new setup looks really good! time for food! this year they had a "wasteland" themed dining area for the media mmmmm cake drinks! Banshee at night with almost no wait! Blackout is my favorite maze of all of the mazes I've been in, its completely dark and a group holds onto a rope to stay together and the only instruction is to keep your hand on the wall to get through, really cool! wolf pack is one of our favorites to re-do because its on the old son of beast train station signage in front of dinosaurs alive, I know I don't wanna be the person to kick the dinosaurs out! slaughterhouse is right behind the beast of course we have to get some night rides of the beast! the best night ride!! I really love this shot I couldn't post just one front entrance theming is really cool signs for WinterFest this year!! sunrise shot on our way home in the morning
  8. HARD HAT CONSTRUCTION TOUR MEDIA DAY Travis and I went to the construction area today and got to see what they are doing to Mean Streak and it looks AMAZING! Some video we shot... Here's a bunch of pictures from today: looks so GOOD won't see this much longer... exit to the train station Lots of tools are needed for this construction! hmmm... Travis loves it already! SO Many parts everywhere!! beautiful view <3 lots of wood to add as well! WOW where the old entrance was, you can see the railing still a lot of track to add!!
  9. Last year I actually stopped and watched ten minutes or so of this show and I don't do shows... However, after seeing the half naked women dancing on the stage, I convinced the Mrs. that we should go in, sit down, and "listen to the music" while we enjoyed our ice cold beers. Worth it. the half naked women are a plus too!
  10. We don't like those vampire werewolf movies either! Its more a nostalgic thing for us because it brings back memories of all the times we have come here for the halloween events and the old singers that kept coming back! plus the songs are great!
  11. Travis and I went to the first day of Halloween haunt on Friday. The weather was amazing and made for a great first day! We had a ton of fun seeing all the changes in the park and to the haunt attractions and monsters. Here's a little description of the mazes/attractions and changes we noticed if any: KillMart- themed like a supermarket, really interesting! really cool theming throughout Board to Death- One of our personal faves, themed like old board games that are easy to recognize Carnevil- Just your average carnival, only a lot more bloody and horrifying Sorority house- A sorority house you will to DIE to join, really good theming! Slaughter house- super gross and bloody, with tons of realistic dead animals possibly a couple people Urgent Scare- a hospital that does NOT have a good survival rate lol! Wolf Pack- a bunch of wolves, lol! this one is actually on the son of beast's train station, and if you look really closely you can see some of the markings on the floor from it Field of Screams(new)- this one is where dinosaurs alive is, and felt a lot more tame than the other mazes because it wasn't as bloody and was themed like a corn maze Madame Fatales Cavern of terror- this one is like house of wax, it has a ton of wax figures and is in the building where the crypt used to be, which I love the repurposed buildings!! Blackout- this one was another of our favorites and is more of an internal fear type maze because it is the fear of the unknown the maze is pitch black, last time if I remember right, you navigated with your left hand and this time was your right hand, also last time there was no way of keeping people together from getting lost and this time there were ropes to hold on for groups The Viewing- this is more of an attraction than a maze, it is an escape the room type thing and if I am correct it was a fast lane only thing?? We never got a chance to try it though because there was always a line, which I'm guessing because they take people in small groups And here's some of the pictures we took: front gate got a spooky upgrade, it was an amazing touch! I just love how the skeleton key shows the year every year, it's the tiny details All of the other mazes were here in the last year, Blackout was the new one last year and it is still one of my favorites! The new attractions were "Field of Screams" and "The Viewing", which was an escape the room attraction, I believe this was restricted to people with a skeleton key/ fast lane. The Viewing was located in the theater at the front of the park. I LOVE how they pack the scarers into the front when the park opens and have them running around terrorizing the guests! went to the top of the eiffel tower to check out the view! always one of my favorite parts! what's that there behind diamondback? the fog was in full effect, so many fog machines!! LOVE kettle corn! of course we had to stop! SPOOKY EYES you can spot these eyes glaring at you around the park the beast area was decorated very well! RIP Travis also all these people mysteriously died when the beast was "unchained" area in front of "Field of Screams" was decorated with corn stalks love the thumbing for this maze! such a cool theme! Everyone is getting scared while this little guy is just enjoying his cake what IS in the shed? Field of Screams, which we went thru when it was dark, was a corn maze basically that was back where dinosaurs alive was. This maze felt a lot more "tame" than some of the other mazes, which is a good thing for the people who are more afraid than others of all the gore can we just take a moment to appreciate the clowns face in the back... XD no halloween haunt would be complete without this guy! he is AMAZING at staying in character and really is an amazing performer, his is the voice you hear throughout the front when you arrive and many people gather around just to talk to him Love this new little touch on all of the trees at the front LOVE Hot Blooded!!! So glad they haven't changed a thing! Such great music and performers every year another music attraction they've installed giant torches along the fountain that go off to the music they play the corn decorations look really cool after it gets dark! such a good show! hmm sounds familiar... night rides on the beast are a MUST the torches that were along the fountain, you could feel the heat from them if you ate at the tables next to them, which will be super nice when it gets colder! had to see Hot Blooded one more time!! gate as we were leaving, we had an amazing time:) love this time of the year at parks! Saturday they were closed to the public
  12. We had the pleasure of attending media for Valravn, and here are my thoughts: -The entrance and area created for Valravn are incredible, not only because they look nice but they really open up the park and connect it to everything else. This ride is right next to the area for Blue Streak, and before that area was just like a dead end and now it is all opened up and connects well. I think this is one of my favorite parts of this new addition, it really brings it in full circle and connects everything together. -Originally we thought we would not like the ride because of the different restraints, but that really did not have much effect on the ride experience. I think is is still a great ride and compatible to Griffon or SheiKra, though you don't get the room that you had on the others to move around as much. The view from the top of the lift hill and right before the drop are INCREDIBLE you can see the whole park and a lot of the other rides and Lake Eerie in the background. The ride itself is nice and smooth and gives you some nice airtime and drops. This ride is MASSIVE compared to the other coasters in the area. -Valravn is a nice visual addition to the skyline. It is also is a very nice addition to the park and adds more variety to the coasters around it and to the types of coasters at the park. -They also have a list of Valravn themed foods and drinks added to the things you can buy in and out of the park. There will be a couple new Coke Freestyle choices available including one called "Flavaravn Fizz", a new Valravn themed beer, Valravn ice cream flavor (inside and outside the park), and Dunkin Donuts will have a Valravn themed donut at the nearby locations. Heres a collection of pictures we took and you can also check out the updates posted on TPR's Twitter: New banners in the entrance sign! That new skyline <3 Stayed at Castaway Bay and they have a new locking system! Yay! RFID! Thats us! Lots of news vans everywhere! The lighting package for the ride is beautiful and rainbow-y love this area, its right next to the drop for family to watch and take pictures <3 Chickie and Pete's was opened for us to come in and sit and snack great spot to take selfies! we got these really cool windbreakers when we checked in twisty look at all those twists! and all the coasters in the background! Lots of breakfast foods to chose from! new gift shop! look at all the Valravn goodies you can buy! more stuff! they also had the new FunPix station set up! so this is a Valravn? <3 loved the signage! Twists and the new walking area. look at that drop! Raptor's colors really compliment Valravn's colors I took a lot of this picture new entrance! new interactive park map at the entrance to Valravn New ice cream available in and out of the park Valravn themed donuts available at the nearby locations Valravn themed beer!! Yes! Raptors new paint job looks so good! updated walkway, they were installing lights while we were there Lets play the game "how many rides are in this picture?"
  13. Today Travis and I had the privilege of touring the ValRavn construction site! It was super cold and snowing, and by the end we couldn't feel our fingers and toes, but it was SO worth it! We didn't get much time to ask questions, but here are a few answers from the Project Manager -He said the whole planning process for the ride took a couple years, and they had to consider what layout would fit the area -the ground work for the ride started the day after Labor Day -May 7th is the premiere day -It took 5 cranes to lift the second tallest drop -Testing won't start till the April timeframe Here's some of the pictures and video I took! Enjoy! look at that new skyline <3 I wonder why this road is closed? parts of ValRavn were everywhere! follow the leader! we got to sport these stylish hard hats selfie! Did I mention it was really cold? I love the colors! Looks really nice next to The Raptor really wanted to climb those stairs <3 nerd shot<3 we were lucky enough to see the whole process of the Immelmann inversion being put into place! that new paint job looks so good! ohhh that stuff all looks important... WOW the whole coaster is in this box?! these workers amazed us! a lot of them were working with no gloves and we were bundled up and still couldn't handle the cold! lots of cranes and construction workers everywhere! my favorite thing, an empty park <3 the park looks so different in the off-season …for example there are not usually cars parked everywhere such a great addition to the midway! the size of this ride in person is crazy! the track was supported by these giant concrete blocks! <3 getting closer to putting that next piece in... gotta get that part at the right angle or they have to lower it down and start all over! this whole process took a really long time, there were only 3 other people that braved the cold to watch the Immelmann inversion be put into place getting closer! Ta-Da! worth the wait! watching this whole process up close was a really cool experience! as we left, we said goodbye to the rest of ValRavn This was a really great tour and we really had a ton of fun! I would love to just sit and watch this ride be put together everyday(if it wasn't so cold!) Tony said there were actual company secrets in that bag! Wonder what secrets are hiding in there? going old school with an actual level!
  14. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=71174 posted a TR from the last day of the season and more construction pictures!
  15. There were no haunts going, but they had the parade and all the Halloween themed shows. And also the dancing monsters in front of the kids snoopy store. Lots of guests wore costumes too!
  16. Travis and I decided to head back to Cedar Point for the last day of the 2015 season. We had a lot of fun and the weather was pretty nice! Here's some of the pictures I took, enjoy! lost my season pass somewhere last weekend, got a brand new sparkly one <3 also they were very quick with making a new one for me! got in some rides before the park opens to regular guests the park is so pretty in the fall! I took a ton of pictures with all the trees they are going to the MOON!!! the skies were perfect for pictures! most of the rides that get closed due to wind were closed all morning, but they did open later in the evening! best part of the last day…EVERYTHING is on sale!! Dragster's new paint job is looking good! so pretty! Train Ride Selfie! more Valravn construction pictures! ohhh ahhh lots of fresh paint jobs <3 looking good! ooohh more sales!!! HAD to see this show again! <3 we saw 3 out of the 4 shows lots of lines for food all day! all the candy everywhere was on sale so much cheap food! watch out! the coasters going to hit you! everywhere that had candy got CLEANED OUT took some pictures while walking around Dinosaurs Alive:) the park looks so pretty! Did the final tweet-up of the season! got some fast lane passes for Valravn, can I use them now?? you can really see the work on the paint here everything was all lit up for the last night results of the candy in Sweet Spot when we left It was a beautiful last day at the park, can't wait to come back next season! Thanks for reading!
  17. I feel like "The Great Pumpkin Spectacular" fits better, it sounds more family themed too So true! Loved the variety of shows and indoor things to do!
  18. This really is the best time of the year to visit! Its always beautiful during the fall
  19. Friday, October 23rd, Travis and I took a weekend trip to Cedar Point's HalloWeekends! We drive down on Friday and got there in time for them to open. Saturday it was pretty cold and rainy in the evening but not too bad, we went to shows while it rained! Sunday was BEAUTIFUL and a great last day at the park, the weather was perfect and made for some pretty pictures! Heres some of the pictures I took while at the park, enjoy! here you can REALLY see the difference a new paint job can do looking good! There were pumpkins EVERYWHERE by Dragster, it was beautiful! I feel the same way <3 The vending machine promoting Valravn is amazing! You use your Instagram or Twitter and make a post using #CP2016 and then the machine gives you a hashtag to use and then the machine dispenses your prizes. Each one gives you two cards Back of the cards Watched the Skeleton Crew show and the changes they made to the show were great! This sign was pretty awesome, it lit up every few minutes and was by the tunnel and Millennium Force was in the background of it during the day Some Valravn construction pictures from Saturday morning looks ready to ride to me... oooh ahhhh looking good so far! Look at all those pumpkins! This picture obviously had to be taken... This addition was one of my favorite parts, I loved all the pumpkins! Pumpkin Dragster! They had so many Jack-o-Lanterns, and I don't think any two had the same face! so pretty! Lots of cool pumpkin art! Pumpkin landscaping! This sign looks very familiar... The park was so pretty with all the trees changing This was our favorite part of "Sideshow, a Carnival of Magic" It was so creepy and also caused a new obsession with the song "Dollhouse" by Melanie Martinez <3 The whole show was pretty incredible and beautifully executed, they had elements for everyone to enjoy! Millennium Force looked beautiful <3 More Pumpkins! this was a very popular area for selfies Skeleton Crew the next night we were at the very front of the stage! This guy STOLE the entire show for us, he plays the part of a psycho a *little* too well, we watched the show so many times because of him, and every time, you can feel the crowd around you becoming genuinely horrified of him He swallows a variety of swords while laughing like a maniac to the song "No More Hot Dogs" and it is just as incredible every show! Next morning we got in some early ride time on Millennium and Maverick Sunday the sky was BEAUTIFUL and made for some great pictures! what a great view <3 Also forgot about the restraint change, so much more comfortable! You can see the painting progress on Dragster really well here Yay pumpkins! WOW the park looks beautiful! <3 so pretty! got in one more show before we left, LOVED this show every time! Overall we had a great trip, really great 3 days of HalloWeekends! can't wait to come back to ride Valravn int 2016! Driving into the park, you get to see all the pieces of Valravn just hanging out
  20. AWESOME report! What kind of camera do you use? Loved the pictures
  21. He really is! He does an amazing job, and always has immediate comebacks to people too!
  22. So we went Halloween Haunt opening night and attended the RIP Party as well, here are some of the pictures I took! Got our Skeleton Key! It even has the year in the key part too! The list of all the mazes selfie! The line was pretty packed to get in! lots of people! Once they opened the gates they let out all the scare actors into the line of people waiting to get in new front display for pictures! I love the new interactive maps around the park, they updated them just for Halloween Haunt It even tells you where all the mazes are LOTS of new decorations and things moved around this year! they also had little displays themed to mazes in the park Killmart is still awesome! these displays were all over the park! Blackout, the new maze this year, spot anyone you recognize? The display that is usually in the front of the park was at the theater I thought this was a good place since the theater isn't used during haunt, plus its a cool place to take pictures! Cheeeeese! There were a lot of new "characters" for scare actors this year, and a few got an update to their costumes! the front was PACKED with scare actors! This guy is there every year and he does an amazing job, not only is he a scare actor, but he also gives directions and makes jokes as well. His is the voice you hear when you're in front of the park over the loud speaker, I kind of wonder what he does when he is not working haunt? some ride tributes R.I.P. I think this was a new prop this year, the heart actually moves too! Yay left shark! <3 Top of the tower Diamondback <3 you can see the line to get in the park from here and the park and already been open a while too. aw poor Don Themed souvenir cups this year! I love that slaughterhouse is right next to the Beast! <3 P.S. this maze is NOT for vegetarians xD back to blackout, this maze was like no other I have experienced, and I loved it! Most mazes have people who jump out and scare you, but this one was the fear of the unknown. When you begin the maze, you are told to keep your right hand on the wall, you can't see ANYTHING in the maze, and you are bumping into people and the wall is covered in different things during parts of the maze and there are gaps in the wall where there are people standing (I think I molested like 7 people). This maze was by far my favorite, I like that it wasn't just scare actors jumping out at you the whole time! <3 sunset picture! (look at the Eiffel Tower's eyes!) Glad they added Hot Blooded back into the lineup of shows! we love this show!<3 Ice Sculpture with shrimp at the RIP Party! Loved the new show in the Festhaus! They had a live band and play famous rock songs (a few of them from past shows<3!) I love the statue people, they just stare at you! The Eiffel Tower looks so cool! We had a great time! Thanks for reading!
  23. Friday and Saturday (the 17th and 18th), we decided to take our first trip of the season and visited Carowinds. Neither Travis or I have ever been to the park so everything here was new to us! Plus it was my birthday on the 18th We have Platinum Passes to Cedar Fair, since we frequent Kings Island and Cedar Point during the season. We live in West Virginia, so it took five and a half hours to get to the park. We left early Friday morning and made it there around 3. When we arrived at the park, it wasn't too busy and we waited at the most 35 minutes, which was awesome! we managed to get all the rides we wanted in that evening. Night rides were even better, the longest we waited was 15 minutes! Friday was my birthday, and when they scanned my pass at the gate it popped up with a message that it was my birthday on their screen, which I thought was cool. Lines were a lot longer on Saturday, we got some morning rides in and then took the opportunity to make some laps around the park and take lots of pictures! I've really missed the sounds and smells of amusement parks<3 Overall we had amazing trip! Great park to start of the season with! heres some pictures I took:) Driving through and around the mountains makes for some awesome views WOW! what a skyline! <3 free parking with our Platinum Passes! more skyline pictures! I loved that you walk in-between the ride as you walk in great views of FURY walking up to the park Thought this ride would be awful and painful, but I actually liked it! This ride traveled just about as far as we did! Look at that loop! <3 I'm sure no one has taken this photo before Love these rides<3 No thank you... xD going into the cool bush tunnel! This little guy didn't budge when we got close to him and was feasting on a wasp. You go, Glen Coco! selfie in the bush! It sure was dark in there! another VERY original picture These things were EPIC! Thanks to TPREric for making us check them out, and introducing us to the world of gliders! The theming for this area was awesome! fun ride! we literally could just walk on Friday evening! see! OOOOOH glow-y! lines for FURY starting on Saturday. NOPE! Drop Zone here was SO different from Kings Island's! Look at all that Arrow Dynamics beauty Great way to cool off! Really liked their entrance to Boo Blasters. Travis never wants to ride these, it's not like they go upside down or anything... Great ride! more original pictures! We took advantage of our passes and walked around Dinosaurs Alive. This sign is misleading, because to me, it looks like going off that path would be a fun thing to do! This dinosaur is very irritating I like to imagine this is exactly what the Jurassic Period looked like Great views of Intimidator from Dinosaurs Alive Speaking of lunch…. OM NOM NOM…time for lunch! This is very similar to Kings Islands Festhaus, and we were very entertained by some worker moving things around on the stage while we ate they even have a bar section in here with lots of TVs! really nice! the entrance area was beautiful This little guy looks like he found a new home under FURY great for a #furyselfie too! They have lots of areas at the entrance for awesome photo ops! loved all the photo spots!
  24. We didn't do a revisit, we have been in all of the mazes multiple times last year, but I wish I would have made Travis do the shot and me go hide for delta delta die! That stuff was gross xD we only visited the ones we hadn't done and the ones that had extra rooms:)
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