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Coasting for Kids 2014 - Be part of Team TPR!!!

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Why doesn't it say you are part of Team TPR?


Sorry, I didn't realize I had to join the team. I've deleted the link and taken off the banner. Sorry for any confusion.

Yeah, that was the whole idea... You're welcome to be part of Team TPR as we may be doing some special things just for our Team TPR member as the event goes on. But in order to participate in any of that, you'll need to join the team.

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Okay I'm lost, so I logged out to make Travis's account, and now I cant find a place to log into my account...

where do I log in??

After you set up am account you will receive an email. In that email will be a link to your participation center.

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^ Yeah, there are admittedly some bugs and quirks that I'm not honestly a huge fan of with the new system. I kind of miss the First Giving pages we had in previous years.....but, as long as my donors can make it to the page and donate hassle-free, then I'm a happy camper.


By the way, thank you for setting up the Cedar Point page for Team TPR! Good luck with your fundraising!

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I just received my first donation--ten bucks! Yay! All donations are very much appreciated!


Maybe I should throw ten bucks someone else's way to celebrate.

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^^ Sent another donation your way, Chuck! And thank you very much for your donation to my page yesterday!!


Looking forward to meeting you in June!


You're welcome and thank you!

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I'm a little unclear on something. The event is held on 2 coasters...Does the half the group marathon one, and the other half the second? Or does the whole group marathon one and then all move to the second?

Last year at Dorney we had 3 coasters on the schedule, and we all marathoned as one group. We started at Steel Force, then after lunch/awards, we moved as a group to Talon, and eventually Hydra. I would wager with 2 coasters that it would be handled the same way.

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I'm all signed up for Kings Dominion, now off to get some donations! I only hope the entire marathon won't be on Anaconda or I may have to get some painkillers from work!


I've got leftover painkillers from my recent hospital stay, should I pack those along too?


BTW, I'm all signed up for Kings Dominion as well!

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