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  1. I think you will be fine if you get fast lane, and like prozach626 said the lines tend to get shorter for the rides once the mazes open, and I know you said you aren’t interested in the mazes but I would try a couple at least! We really enjoy blackout and madame fatales cavern of terrors was really cool with ‘lights out’ plus it’s in then old crypt building! The only ride that might get super long lines will be the beast I would think, but its definitely worth waiting for when it gets really dark
  2. Cassy and Travis Halloween Haunt Trip Report! Yesterday we went to the opening night of haunt for their media event, here’s some pictures from our visit: Still love how they really transform the entrance of the park! Really gets me excited for spooks! Lanyard for the event A list of the mazes, no new mazes this year but there are a ton of new walkthrough experiences which I feel really adds to the experience. However there was a “lights out” version of Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror which we really enjoyed! They give you a glow stick when you enter and it really made that maze feel
  3. It’s hard to say, some of the larger riders got on with no problem but we did see some having to get off. Also the picture of the players riding the coaster, a couple had to get off cause the restraint didn’t fit over them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Cassy and Travis’s Steel Curtain Media Day TR!! Today we went to the media event for Steel Curtain! Here’s some pictures from our day: Terrible towels for everyone! Took a few different angles of the entrance sign Love the entrance to the new area! The sign is really cool! New gift shop full of Steelers themed merch! Love this new area, the coaster wraps the walkway nicely! The trains were very cool! Really well themed View from the back of the walkway I love how well framed the lift hill looks Look at that lift hill! The sign
  5. We went to the Steel Curtain Construction Tour on the 20th, here's some of the pictures we took! ready to see some construction! grab your hard hats, vests, and safety goggles! Banana Roll...that sounds delicious! here they had a press conference and discussed the new attractions that will be coming with the new roller coaster! they showed us the buildings they are working on for the new attractions for the steeler experience some of the parts had weights written on them which we thought was cool they
  6. RIP Party Media Event 2017 9-22-17 This year Travis and I got to attend the Media Event on opening night of Halloween Haunt! This year the new attractions were "Wasteland" and "Dance of the Macabre" they were both newly added scare zones in pathways at the park. Wasteland was on the pathway to the Banshee and DropZone and it is themed like a wasteland and there were people running around in hazmat suits; get out, before its too late! Dance of the Macabre is under the Eiffel tower and there were little "stations" under the eiffel tower to take pictures and they also had scare actors runnin
  7. HARD HAT CONSTRUCTION TOUR MEDIA DAY Travis and I went to the construction area today and got to see what they are doing to Mean Streak and it looks AMAZING! Some video we shot... Here's a bunch of pictures from today: looks so GOOD won't see this much longer... exit to the train station Lots of tools are needed for this construction! hmmm... Travis loves it already! SO Many parts everywhere!! beautiful view <3 lots of wood to add as well! WOW where the old entrance was, you can
  8. Last year I actually stopped and watched ten minutes or so of this show and I don't do shows... However, after seeing the half naked women dancing on the stage, I convinced the Mrs. that we should go in, sit down, and "listen to the music" while we enjoyed our ice cold beers. Worth it. the half naked women are a plus too!
  9. We don't like those vampire werewolf movies either! Its more a nostalgic thing for us because it brings back memories of all the times we have come here for the halloween events and the old singers that kept coming back! plus the songs are great!
  10. Travis and I went to the first day of Halloween haunt on Friday. The weather was amazing and made for a great first day! We had a ton of fun seeing all the changes in the park and to the haunt attractions and monsters. Here's a little description of the mazes/attractions and changes we noticed if any: KillMart- themed like a supermarket, really interesting! really cool theming throughout Board to Death- One of our personal faves, themed like old board games that are easy to recognize Carnevil- Just your average carnival, only a lot more bloody and horrifying Sorority house- A sorority h
  11. We had the pleasure of attending media for Valravn, and here are my thoughts: -The entrance and area created for Valravn are incredible, not only because they look nice but they really open up the park and connect it to everything else. This ride is right next to the area for Blue Streak, and before that area was just like a dead end and now it is all opened up and connects well. I think this is one of my favorite parts of this new addition, it really brings it in full circle and connects everything together. -Originally we thought we would not like the ride because of the different restra
  12. Today Travis and I had the privilege of touring the ValRavn construction site! It was super cold and snowing, and by the end we couldn't feel our fingers and toes, but it was SO worth it! We didn't get much time to ask questions, but here are a few answers from the Project Manager -He said the whole planning process for the ride took a couple years, and they had to consider what layout would fit the area -the ground work for the ride started the day after Labor Day -May 7th is the premiere day -It took 5 cranes to lift the second tallest drop -Testing won't start till the April time
  13. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=71174 posted a TR from the last day of the season and more construction pictures!
  14. There were no haunts going, but they had the parade and all the Halloween themed shows. And also the dancing monsters in front of the kids snoopy store. Lots of guests wore costumes too!
  15. Travis and I decided to head back to Cedar Point for the last day of the 2015 season. We had a lot of fun and the weather was pretty nice! Here's some of the pictures I took, enjoy! lost my season pass somewhere last weekend, got a brand new sparkly one <3 also they were very quick with making a new one for me! got in some rides before the park opens to regular guests the park is so pretty in the fall! I took a ton of pictures with all the trees they are going to the MOON!!! the skies were perfect for pictures! most of the rides that get closed due to wind were
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