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  1. And there it is. You can't make this up. What a disappointment.
  2. I would assume the light package is similar to this video, multiple colors and patterns available to program. I have only seen them run red and white horizontal and vertical stripes so far though.
  3. I could see it from 169 about 10:30 last night, looked like a giant candy cane. Very bright.
  4. I guess the argument over if the amphitheater will be demolished or renovated has been settled. From the GM's tweet.
  5. ^Plus reworked the entire wasteland that was the path to Steel Venom. They've dropped a lot of money doing these things. All of the other little improvements like replacing concrete and blacktop with pavers to make things look more appealing. I have no idea, but I think dumping even more money into the waterpark is a better investment for the park than a mediocre B&M invert.
  6. "Must get kiddie coaster credit" in a zombie-like voice.
  7. If you really want a laugh, go over to Facebook and read the comments of people saying "Adventureland here we come". You can't make this stuff up.
  8. I never heard or read an official time, just what @ValleyfairMN tweeted at someone saying it would be on Friday, no time was mentioned.
  9. At the park now. I just want some fans added in the Renegade queue, dead air.
  10. ^ I just try to hit Badger Hill Brewing before or after the park.
  11. Self Service Beer coming to Cedar Point. www.prweb.com/releases/2015/08/prweb12911309.htm
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