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Coasting for Kids 2014 - Be part of Team TPR!!!

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Hi TPR forum,

My name is Michael Stivason,I am from Butler Pa. I am New to club TPR and wanted to announce my participation in Coasting for kids. I am part of Team TPR (Cedar Point) and I love roller coasters. I am also very excited!! I wanted to share my donation link to anyone who would like to support Coasting for kids and Give Kids The World!! This is my first time Coasting for kids,but I knew it was something I could do to make a difference and I might even make a few new friends!


http://support.gktw.org/goto/Michael_Stivason anything is appreciated, thanks so much!!

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^ No problem, really excited to coast at Knott's this year after a great time at CGA last year. I need a bit of a kickstart on my fundraising and I love this cause, So- I'll give $5 to the next 4 riders who contribute to mine! Just send me your link. Here's mine: http://bit.ly/1imN0fl


Also contributed $5 to PhantomNick's page for organizing the TPR efforts- you should too! It's all for a worthy cause, go Team TPR!

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Im new to coasting for kids, what are ways you guys get donations? do you go to businesses, use Facebook? Im just looking for ways that you guys have done it in the past

Every participant has a different approach, so there's really no right or wrong way to go about getting donations. I think the main thing is to be proactive without pestering people. For me, I make use of social media for sure. I'll usually post something to my Facebook page (a link to my page with some rallying cry, a good GKTW video - I posted a couple examples back on page 5, etc.) about once every couple weeks, just to keep it active in people's minds. Then I may post more frequently as the event draws closer. Keep in mind, a lot of folks will see your post, but wait to donate when they see the event isn't until June.


Also, I usually send out a mass email when my fundraising kicks off to family, friends, and some coworkers (making sure to definitely include people who have donated in the past, as they may likely support again). As for businesses, I haven't ventured down that road before, but I'm thinking about doing so this year. Above all, be creative! Go to churches, schools, wherever you may have connections where they might be willing to help. Just my two cents on it anyway. Good luck with your fundraising journey!


P.S. - Decided to give Travis his first donation, and give you a bump as well!

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Although it's still pretty early in the fundraising process, our 2 California teams could use a little jump start! So, who wants to show them some Team TPR love??


California's Great America - Team TPR

Knott's Berry Farm - Team TPR


Also, we only have 2 teams left to be setup! If anyone here is heading to Valleyfair or Worlds of Fun, please help us out and setup the Team TPR page! (Don't forget, look at the KD page for an idea of how we'd like it to look.) Thanks!

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No, haven't completed it yet.


I searched for Team TPR and hit to join it on Step 1, but then nothing on the confirmation page...


The Individual Coaster might just be the pricing option, but I'm a bit confused.

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