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  1. Thanks for the tip Bert, adding this one to the list! I'll have per diem burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm planning to visit a diff BBQ place each night, haha. Any recommendations on museums? Is Battle for Texas worth it? That's my backup plan if it's raining.
  2. What's up guys? Heading to San Antonio from the Bay Area next week on a work trip. Obviously I can't travel cross country without hitting up at least one park. So, I'm taking an extra day on Saturday April 1st to hit up SFFT for the full day (weather permitting). I'm flying solo and know literally nobody in the state of Texas. I think it will be nice to do some solo touring, but might get a bit boring. Thought I'd reach out here to see if there are any season passholders that might be around on the 1st and would want to meet up for lunch/drinks and a few rides? Also, if anyone has recommendations for restaurants, breweries, or other attractions in the area, I'd love to hear them. I'm staying near Riverwalk for the week, then moving to a hotel closer to the park.
  3. Hi Guys! I've lived in San Francisco for six years and have never made it up to SFDK, but we've got the opportunity to go this Sunday (Easter). We're going to go up early and spend the full day, then chill in Vallejo for the evening. I'm wondering how crowded it will likely be, feels like it could go either way. That day is priced lower on their website, at $45, whereas the rest of the month is at $49 or higher. Here's what I'm wondering: Should we go ahead and book Flash Passes? If so, which level? (Reg, Gold, Platinum) Or, are we better off to wait until we get there and see what crowds are like? How much are we missing by visiting when V2 is closed? Thanks for any help/advice! We're excited!!!
  4. Anyone at Knotts tomorrow have room to stow a small suitcase in their car? I'm flying in early and I'm worried I might not get to my hotel early enough to drop it off.
  5. WOW! Just got over $400 of donations to my page this afternoon. I'm guessing at least part of this is from the Grona Lund fundraiser, thank you so much, whoever the donors are. TPR is now in the lead at Knotts- take that Dis-ers!
  6. $10,000- that is amazing. I am SO PSYCHED for Coasting for Kids at Knotts! It was looking like my new job with the San Francisco Dungeon was going to prevent me from participating, but I just found out today that I can come- hoooray!
  7. ^ Do you already have tickets or a season pass? The Hilton right at the parking lot entrance usually has decent package deals with park tickets, room and breakfast- ~$140 total for two of us last time for all of that. The rooms look into the park and you can walk to the turnstiles in about five minutes.
  8. ^ Wow, a donation from THE Robert Coker- what an honor! Thanks so much for the support, big fan of The Season Pass.
  9. ^ Just got you back, thanks for getting me started! Anyone else need a push? I've still got $15 I can donate today.
  10. ^ No problem, really excited to coast at Knott's this year after a great time at CGA last year. I need a bit of a kickstart on my fundraising and I love this cause, So- I'll give $5 to the next 4 riders who contribute to mine! Just send me your link. Here's mine: http://bit.ly/1imN0fl Also contributed $5 to PhantomNick's page for organizing the TPR efforts- you should too! It's all for a worthy cause, go Team TPR!
  11. Knotts Team is created, lets do this! http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?team_id=1686&pg=team&fr_id=1237
  12. Thanks for the tips everybody! We'll be at Knotts in just a few hours, so excited We're going to drop our stuff in Anaheim then cab it to Knotts, and I will def give Ghost Rider a shot. Looking forward to spending a full day here, fingers crossed it won't be crazy crowded, and that Mystery Lodge is running.
  13. Hey All! Going to Knotts for the second time next Wednesday! WCB was my first visit and I loved the park but left after only a half day to go to Disney (wasn't planning on skipping out on the day and evening ERT, but we ran into a friend who works for Disney animation and walked us in. Can't turn down free Disney, wouldn't be American). I haven't even ridden Ghostrider, Supreme Scream, or even visited Camp Snoopy or Fiesta Village. Looking forward to taking all I haven't seen plus the mine ride before refurb since I know I'll be back. I've got four quick (and maybe dumb) questions for those of you with more KBF experience than I, any advice is appreciated! 1. It's the day before Thanksgiving, will it be crazy packed? 2. Ghostrider- More or less rough than, say, Grizzly at CGA? Love coasters, not pain, or much anyway. 3. I'm flying in from NorCal very early morning, we're staying in Anaheim (Thanksgiving at Disneyland! I'm taking an airport shuttle either to the hotel in Anaheim or straight to Knotts. I'd like to go straight to Knotts to make opening but I'm wondering if there are lockers there that could fit a carry-on sized bag? Or somewhere to leave it outside the park? The alternative is to shuttle to the hotel in Anaheim to drop bag then take a bus/cab to Knotts. But I'm thinking DL area traffic might be a nightmare that day. 4. Would you even consider reading my Knotts/DL Thanksgiving Photo Trip Report? Happy Thanksgiving TPR-ers!
  14. ^ Thanks! That's too bad, this park seemed like it was a lot better 15 years ago. Hopefully the investment in Goldstriker bodes well for some more improvements.
  15. Had a blast at haunt last night: favorite maze was definitely Massacre Manor! Dia de Los Muertos was very cool to look at, but did not strike me as scary, or even really startling at all. I was curious about the building it was in, the Pictorium. What is/was this and when and why did it close? I've seen it from Goldstriker and always wondered, I'm fairly new to the park, but I've visited a lot this year.
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