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Coasting for Kids 2014 - Be part of Team TPR!!!

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Thanks, Dustin! I appreciate it!


The first page is now updated, and includes links to all the individual fundraiser pages for all current Team TPR members at the 9 parks where a Team TPR is setup. Don't forget, for those planning to sign up at Valleyfair or Worlds of Fun, we still need a Team TPR created at each of those parks!!

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Greetings To All!


I recently joined the Kings Dominion team. This will be my third year Coasting For Kids. I absolutely love this event. More than that though, I love what the money that we raise allows Give Kids The World to do for so many children from all around the world. If I am ever feeling down or depressed, I know I can just click on the GKTW's Website and look through the pictures and read about all of the good things that the organization does. They truly are amazing!


Best of luck to everyone in their fundraising efforts. I DO NOT need any help with donations, but please help each other out as much as you can. We are not only members of our individual park teams, we are also members of the nationwide Team TPR. (International if you include Canada's Wonderland!) Let's show the world what we can do when we work together for a great cause. Let's make sure that Team TPR is the top team at every park and that Team TPR members are the top fundraisers at every park.


As we get closer to the day of the event, if there is anyone out there who wants to participate, but is having trouble meeting the minimum fundraising requirement, please let me know!


Here are some fundraising ideas from the GKTW Website:




I also raise a LOT of money by selling candy bars at my work. I buy them from a wholesale club like Sam's, BJ's or Costco. The candy bars cost somewhere around 40 to 50 cents each when you buy a big box of them. (I can get them even cheaper sometimes with coupons.) I sell them for a dollar each and donate all of the profits! I do this year round, and it really adds up. I'd be interested to hear how everyone else raises money. We should definitely share our fundraising ideas with each other.


Once again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are struggling to raise funds. I will have some extra money to spread around, but I only want to donate it to people who are serious about participating. Raising money is certainly the most important part of this whole event, but it is also important that we show up to the parks and participate!


Best of luck to all!

See (some of you) in June!


-Jason (Bubala)

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Jason, thank you for posting that! I totally agree with the notion of other Team TPR members sharing what strategies work for them in regards to the fundraising. It can especially be helpful for some of our new participants this year. I also agree with your sentiments about why this is pretty much the BEST event all year for us coaster enthusiasts, because it really makes a difference for such a worthwhile cause. I'm sure we all share in your goal to have Team TPR be the top team at each park, and Team TPR members be the top individual fundraisers at each park!


I would also like to thank you for joining up again with Team TPR! Every year, you do some amazing fundraising work, and Team TPR is happy/lucky to have you onboard. I'm always blown away by the totals you post for GKTW!


This year I switched to KD, so I am definitely looking forward to meeting some great new people, and you are certainly one of them! See you there in June, and best of luck with your fundraising this year (though it sounds like you don't really need it! )

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For the past several years, TPR member Kara had worked with GKTW and poured her heart and soul into that wonderful place. In particular, she was very passionate about this event, as she was the main contact/coordinator for it. She has moved on to even better things, but I always felt like she shared some amazing stories on here about some of the magic that happens at GKTW every day. In honor of her tremendous work and dedication to making Coasting for Kids the best event it could be each year, I'd like to revisit some of her touching posts and stories. Folks, THIS is why we do this each year and are so passionate about the cause. These stories go to show what kind of impact your fundraising can make! Keep at it, Team TPR, so we can make the biggest impact yet!!


First up is this touching letter Kara shared from a family who stayed there.....


I am over the moon excited to see what TPR members are capable of this year! I'll again be posting in here as frequently as I am able to share more about GKTW's impact and answer any questions about the event. Whether you're participating, donating or cheering on your fellow riders-- thank you to this awesome community for having a heart for this event.


Today I'm going to kick things off with a family letter. Be warned it's pretty emotional, but our story is best told in the words of the families we serve:


Our family was changed forever when our beautiful four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Hearing the words, "Your child has cancer," is a moment in time my husband and I will never forget. Our world was flipped upside down and we didn't know if there would ever be something to celebrate again. We were so wrong! There was joy and happiness all around, we just needed to find it again-- and we did, at Give Kids The World.


The Village was like nothing we had ever experienced. Amelia, or Miss Millie as we call her, was the happiest we had ever seen her, which was quite a contrast to how she had felt during the worst of her treatment. We were able to hear her contagious giggle as she spent private one-on-one time with her favorite princess, Belle, while riding the carousel. We watched her get a mischievous, yet darling look on her face as she gobbled up ice cream for breakfast. We were able to witness a complete change in her countenance when she was at the pool splashing around freely and being a kid again.


My family has never felt as overwhelmed by the love of strangers as we did when we were staying at Give Kids The World. We are eternally grateful for what they did for our family and for our sweet Millie.


Just days after Millie finished over two years of chemotherapy, we learned that she had already relapsed. She is currently in the hospital fighting for her life all over again. Words cannot describe how grateful we are as parents, during this frightening time, that we have such wonderful memories to cherish. Give Kids The World treated Millie like the princess she is and we can't wait to come visit and have ice cream for breakfast as soon as she defeats cancer for a second time.

--Amelia's Mom, Utah



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I am super excited to participate again! This will be my 2nd year of Coasting for Kids. I had a blast last year at Worlds of Fun. This year I will be making the trek up to Michigan's Adventure. I look forward to meeting anyone else who will also be at Michigan's Adventure. I can't wait to see how much money TPR can raise this year!

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The page is really difficult to navigate, so I wouldn't blame yourself lol xD but when you use the link you go to little "my team" tab on the thing that pops up and in that box there should be an option to edit page, you can also change the goal too.

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Thanks for updating the Dorney Team TPR page, Dustin! I know with this new interface they switched to this year it can be tricky to navigate/update things, so believe me, it's not just you. The page looks great, with one small suggestion - there seems to be a redundant "Team TPR" on the page, so maybe you could eliminate the extra one.


Also, thanks for sending out another donation to one of our teams! You've been a donating machine....which is awesome!!

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Thanks, man! The team page looks perfect!!


I participated at Dorney the last 2 years, and it was a great time. Hopefully you can reach your goal and keep the streak alive of a TPR member at Dorney hitting over $1,000 raised for GKTW! Oh, and Steel Force is just about the perfect coaster to marathon ride!

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Just got a message from Kaylee, our new contact at Give Kids The World that I'd like to share with all of you. We're happy to be be working with them again on the event this year!


Dear Theme Park Review,


Coasting For Kids 2014 is well underway, and we are thrilled your team will be joining us for another year of doing what we all love more – riding roller coasters for a great cause!


Your support of Coasting For Kids has made a significant impact over the past few years. To date, Coasting For Kids has raised more than $378,000 for Give Kids The World – enough to fulfill the wishes of 76 precious children battling a life-threatening illness. Without you, it would not be the amazing success that it is today.


The 6th Annual Coasting For Kids event has brought many new challenges, including a new fundraising platform called TeamRaiser. The reason for the switch is twofold:


1. Alternate platforms are not cheap. In addition to charging annual user fees, some fundraising platforms take up to 8% of each donation made. TeamRaiser allows a much greater portion of each donation to directly benefit the Village. You and your donors can feel comfortable knowing your hard-earned dollar is truly making a difference in the lives of the children who share in your love of amusement parks and roller coasters.


2. TeamRaiser integrates seamlessly into our database. In the past, a GKTW team member has had to manually enter all of the information into our database, taking a great deal of time and allowing for more opportunities to input something incorrectly. Our database now draws the information as you and your donors enter it, and processes it automatically.


Another new challenge is the implementation of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company’s new re-ride policy, which will affect the marathon riding aspect of the event. For safety reasons, guests will only be able to ride a coaster two consecutive cycles before being required to take a “break”. The length of the break is a time that is yet to be determined, but may be as little as 30 seconds to get up and change seats. The point of the break is to make sure the guests are not feeling weird or for park staff to see if there is any unusual/unsafe behavior after these rides. Our contacts at Cedar Fair are staying on top of this, and will let us know as soon as they have solidified the policy requirements. This change is being applied to daily operations, not just Coasting For Kids, so we are hopeful our enthusiasts understand that it is their safety that guides the change.


As a leader in Coasting For Kids – thank you from the bottom of my heart for your passion and love of the event. I am thrilled to be celebrating much success in June with you.


Until then, I will leave you with this fun video, inspired by the little heroes you are working so hard to fulfill dreams for. We will be sharing the video publicly soon, but wanted to give you a first-look at how excited the Village is for the 6th Annual Coasting For Kids!




Best regards,



Manager, Development

Give Kids The World

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