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What are you most looking forward to in 2014?

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First, because I have a CEDAR FAIR PLATINUM PASS, I plan on visiting Kings Dominion as part of their 40th anniversity which would include Blue Ice Cream, fountain lights, Candy Apple Grove, and hopefully the return of the singing mushrooms.


Second, with that same pass, I plan on visiting both Carowinds and Kings Island.


Third, a visit to Kentucky Kingdom as I welcome this park for coming back to life.


Finally, depending on where I'm planning to go on my 2014 summer trip, I'm sure it'll be at an amusement park that has a coaster treated by RMC.

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I'm looking forward to seeing friends again on the mini New Hotness tour. It should be fun to hit up all the parks I go to with a large group of friends, rather than by myself.


Kentucky Kingdom re-opening. Excited to have a park just minutes from me.


Banshee - Looks awesome and I can't wait to ride it.


I always look forward to Coastermania at Cedar Point.


And in Nov or Dec of 2014, I am hoping to take my niece to her first hockey game....probably only ECHL level to start with.

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El Loco.


Thunder Run will be interesting since I've always heard good reviews of it, and preliminary post-rehab reports make it sound even better. If we're lucky they'll announce a new thrilling steel coaster as well.


The Bat actually makes me feel more warm and fuzzy than Banshee does, even though I already have the credit.


Next year I'll focus on some well-deserved repeat park visits and perhaps a handful of new-to-me rides.

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It could be because I see it every day at work and it makes me anxious, but I cannot wait to ride El Loco at the Adventuredome (even though technically it will be a 2013 coaster)


Not sure if I'll do any new parks but looking forward to returning to Orlando to visit WDW and USO. Can't wait to check out HP at USF and the Dwarfs Mine Train at MK. Also, Epcot.

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I'm hoping I might be able to get to Canada's Wonderland this coming summer, but if not, I know for sure I will be able to get to WDW in the fall of 2014 and will be able to ride anything that wasn't there when I last visited in the early 80's. Not sure if I'll be able to do anything but the Magic Kingdom while I'm there, but at least I will be able to do that. Also hoping I can get to BGT on that same trip, since I haven't been there since 1979. So that is at least one thing to look forward to that I know I will be doing (WDW). Also, I'm planning on hitting CP next Coastermania, so I can try out Gatekeeper, which will be my 2nd B&M wingrider assuming I'll be able to ride Wild Eagle later this year.

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For me, the highlight of next summer will be TPR's Mini New Hotness trip. I'm looking forward to all the parks on the trip and am especially excited about getting to experience a RMC woodie by riding Goliath. Other than that, I'm also excited about the possibility of getting to a few out of the way parks (namely the Colorado parks) even if they may not have any notable attractions.

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