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Your first Arrow Dynamics coaster

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Demon at SFGAm when I was 4. It was the ride that got me hooked on roller coasters.


Demon for me as well, though at California Great America - at the time it was still Marriot's Great America and had the theme song playing in the queue.

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Iron Dragon at Cedar Point, but should have been Tennessee Tornado at Dollywood. I was a big baby when I started getting into roller coasters, and I didn't ride it at time. But then I went to Cedar Point and everything changed.

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Python at Busch Gardens Tampa - also my first inverting ride. My first "home" coaster was the Corkscrew at Rocky Point Park, but I never was brave enough to ride it until after I'd been on Python first.

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I'm surprised I haven't seen this one mentioned but mine was Space Mountain (Omega side I believe) at WDW in 1984. My first non-Disney Arrow was Anaconda. Maybe I didn't have much to compare it to back then but I think it actually was pretty fun when it first opened (1991). Not so much nowadays.

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My first Arrow was Demon at SFGAm. This ride was about an hour or so before the ride got stuck upside-down on the second loop. But I was more terrified by the unexplainable ejector airtime on the first drop than the ride getting stuck.

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