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Seeing that the first picture is Mr Freeze, I'd have to guess SF St Louis.


You sir are correct! lol


Here's one more picture since you got the answer right.


The Ninja (Sorry blurry)

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Ben2008: Wowee! Great form!


Thanks! I even managed to take better quality photos.


Waves now added in!!


Better version of The Ninja and River King Mine Train. (Still being worked on!)

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I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can upload my Kennywood Volcano art... It's been sitting in a display case for a long time.


And I'm starting another painting, I want to do something else from Kennywood, but am stumped after looking through hundreds of pictures. The medium is acrylic, and I'm not extremely good at it yet, so anybody with ideas give me some!

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Some doodles...



Funny story actaully because I showed it to some friends at school and one they didn't know what it was. But I must say I hid the track so only the train was visable. Someone thought it was a row of houses! But eventually someone got it right!

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Awaiting a coat of paint... Shitty quality because I have neither a scanner nor proper camera! I tried my best to edit it to a tolerable level.




Awesome! Can't wait to see the final result on this!

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Except when youre passing through the Lost Kennywood sign, the Phantom's lift is going to the left, no to the right


That isn't the Lost Kennywood sign. That's the gift shop in the plaza in front of the fountain by the Plunge. Not sure if you know that or not..


Gosh.. I started the base coat today and this is gonna get messy!

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It's been a while since my last reply. Anyways I'm still working on getting it finished, just thought I'd show you guys what I'm doing and which surprises are in store. It'll only be on here, not anywhere else!


Here's one (notice the new SkyScreamer ride):


Screaming Eagle to get color for its 30th Anniversary!! First time adding color onto a coaster also! Still being worked on also.

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Ben your SFStL map is looking absolutely amazing! I'd pay money to get a print once it's finished! Have you considered submitting it into the park? I bet they'd give you some sort of acknowledgement for it.

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