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I had a go at doing some street art today, here what i came up with.

I made a funky version of my name; this will go on all of my work from now on.

So I got this.

Did this.

Then sprayed it.

And here is what we get. This is the first time I have tried this, I thought it went quite well.


Hope you liked it, Jake

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Went through my art projects a found these two gems. All feedback is appreciated.


This paint-dot-thingy is a rendition of Dr. Fright from Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Dr. Fright's CarnEVIL" Halloween entertainment show.


This is my ink painting/drawing of the iconic Sky Tower at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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Something I did earlier this week -




Seriously, what is that thing?


I believe its supposed to be a UFO. If you look to the building across from star tours, it is painted with a bunch of those UFOs flying around in space.

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I should really start browsing the forums more often, I never knew this thread existed! Not to mention the very talented people on here!


Not exactly theme park artwork, but still artwork I have done. I apologize for the big image sizes, I just took these from my deviant page so I did not have to reupload them.




Mario Mushroom I made and me.




Horror makeup/ photomanipulation


Just cool in my opinion.


Any critiques or comments about them?

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Well, I'm finally back! Finished up a new collaborative water park project and thought I'd show everyone...


WaterVille Splash Park! The third Centennial Era project...



Entry plaza of WaterVille. The compass returns!


GIANT Wave pool. Right in the middle of the park.


One of the two kid/family areas, this one is quite bigger than the second one...


Huge assortment of water slides, The Abyss, Python (x2), Boomerango, and much more!! Oh hey, another wave pool!


The second kid/family area. Small isn't it?


Even more slides; a Mat Racer, Zip Coaster, Rattler... The list goes on.


The Anaconda and Constrictor...


And finally... The WHOLE Park!!


What do you guys think of the water park? Also, I'm still using the "Amazing background".


If you want to see more of my other artwork, including PROJECT 2010 and the Six Flags St. Louis recreation, visit: Ben's Amazing Artwork on Facebook! and "Like"!

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I have taken a dive into Adobe Illustrator. I picked up the basic logistics of the program, and came out with this in about a half hour, with distractions.



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Wild Latios has appeared! Not much... But it's the first art I've done since school let out! Not to mention it's a rarity that I invent my own pose rather than working from a photo. I ought to get some of my paintings from this year up..

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Probably the most recent coaster-related images I've done, created as a joke back when Deja Vu at SFMM was to be removed (and some trolls wanted to petition and save it. That's when "Pave Deja Vu" facebook page was born. Created with Illustrator. I'm due for working on some drawings again as I don't want to lose my touch. Maybe I'll try dabbling in making a park map with Illustrator, could be fun!

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