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Its been a while sense I've been here.


I might as well show you guys all the crap I've made in photoshop over the months.


WARNING : 60 % ANIME, 15% Pokemon, and only 25% Coasters!


If you have a problem with it, take it up with Ghost. Hes the one who asked me to do this...

^Me (buddy poke) with a sword. I made the background.

^iPod wallpaper I made (anime=shuffle!)

^M.Force Signature

^Avatar (character = Asa, anime = shuffle!)

^Pokemon signature (Electric)


^Thing I made in Woodshop

^i305 signature

^Anime Angel Girl signature.

^Mean Streak signature

^Oh how I wish my username was of this!


^Avatar (character = Haruhi, anime = Melancholy of Haruhi)

^Avatar (Shana from Shakugan no Shana)

^Nessie Signature

^Shana(shakugan no shana) avatar

^I killed the park, I bet your mad that you have to see this again >=)

^Hellsing signature(unfinished)

^Most recent thing I made

^Lugia iPod wallpaper




-Matt "watch the next post be about my ever so great grammar skills and not the art" K.

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Man I love that technique you can pull off with charcoal, only thing maybe (and this is real nitpicking) try having a more open background because the hard black takes away a lot of the depth you have in the drawing.


Otherwise amen my friend

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I've been working on a number of requests for friends...


First picture, Dragon Castle is a B&M floorless which sends daring riders through a castle that was abandoned due to a family of dragons taking over. The ride is based off of BGW's Drachen Fire.


Second picture, an drop tower-type ride inspired by BGW's height waiver. There have been rumors of a drop tower coming to the park and I decided to put my take of it.


*Note: Due to TPR's image size issue, I had to cut off some of the image to get it to attach as well as decrease the quality of the image. You can see the full version on my fan page. I'm currently trying to find a program/website to fix this.

Click here for the fan page... Become a fan and tell the world.



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^ Feel free to use any of my designs for any of your projects... You can get a slightly clearer pic on my Facebook fan page, but I'll be glad to put a general layout together and send it to you. Just acknowledge that I designed the coaster and if you wish, post a link to the fan page/artwork thread.


Any extra exposure is good exposure IMO.

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Cool once I get to the better view of the layout I can start designing it in rct, I'll just make this for the freaking fun of since I don't really build a lot in this style so its mostly learning to do this style, once completed I'll send you the file in rct and then you can do whatever you want with, post it here or keep it to yourself...


I'll build this for me and you^^

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I haven't been to this thread in awhile and I must say is, wow! Some rather impressive pieces of coaster/park art there. I love the map drawing that's been posted and updated several times on here! I also enjoyed the one of Tatsu and the Skytower from over at Magic Mountain.


If any of you haven't followed my drawing of Hersheypark recently, I posted my Candylane overlay from back in December. You can see it on page 4 of this thread: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=53239&start=0

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I've been meaning to post my artwork here for a while but havent got a moment. I figured i should since allot of it is highly TPR related, because i make lots of art about coasters.


For AP Art i had to make a concentration of peices centered around a certain idea or concept, so i chose to create designs based on the best elements of roller coasters and it eventualy turned more into depictions of roller coasters as an expeirence. Their had to be 12 pieces which showed development in relation to the theme, so here are my 12 in order:


I think i posted this first one here a while ago, This was a self portrait thingy i did about a year ago. I put it first to show room for improvement.


This one is about themeing on coasters, spesificaly Terminator Salvation. Done with Pastels


This is about airtime (self-explainitory) Acrylic


Inversions. Prismacolor markers


Revolution. Computer image I made with video stills i took on WestCoast2009


Wheels&Rails. Acrylic


Calculated Chaos. Computer Image


Hands in the Air, Mixed Media


Trackwork, Computer Image. You'll probably recoginize the one track from the Club TPR logo.


Launches, Acrylic


Fear, Conte


Adrenaline, Computer Image


If anyone wants to see some of my non-coaster related artwork, i can post that too.

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Josh, your attention to detail is simply amazing. I love the detail on the restraint in the self portrait with the screws and everything. My personal favorite is the airtime picture, which is amazing. Just wondering though, is Accelerator the coaster used for the airtime picture? Thats what it looks like!

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I finished this map a while ago and it's been sitting in my computer for a while now.


Roller Coasters

- Prototype G - Intamin Giga prototype... 300 feet tall, has a unique floorless train design, the park's signature coaster. The ride was inspired by Intimidator 305.

- Draco - B&M custom diving machine, complete with tunnels, loops, and a massive splashdown finale into a tunnel.

- Ruin Rampage - Vekoma suspended coaster... The most intense Vekoma suspended roller coaster ever built, the ride sends riders careening through tunnels, flying through turns, and down small (but steep) drops. The ride was designed to run on high-speeds

- Washout - Mack family water coaster... Similar to Expedition Everest without a backwards portion and more water splashdowns.


And don't forget to become a fan on Facebook. I try to update the page with random Facebook exclusive drawings as well as stuff I post here, some theme park related, some not.


NOTE: Because of TPR's image size restrictions, I can't upload the full-sized image without cutting some of the details out.


EDIT: View a full-sized version of the park map on my Flickr page.Here's the link.



Just for fun (and to advertise my Facebook page)... Lugia used Aeroblast...

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Some of those images are absolutely stunning Jds03, any way you'd be willing to send a high-res version out for some of them as wall paper images? Those are truly fantastic!

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Haha, thanks. I'm heavily involved with art because i'm going to Rhode Island School of Design next year. I'd be happy to upload some zip files of my concentration pieces if you would like, I assume the revolution and X2 ones would make the best backgrounds because their digital, but if you want any else just tell me.


And heres some more of my work:


My submission for RISD's famous application "Bike Drawing"


I drew my Lacrosse gloves during the off season.


My attempt at Hyperrealism, done in Acrylic paint


Computer Altered double sided Graphite drawing thingy. Long story...


I like this one because all i did was flip a picture of a staircase and it looks totaly abstract and trippy.


Random Computer thing


Self portrait in pencil that i computerized


Finally here's some bizarre cartoony ink and water color piece: It's not finished here, but i never got to photograph the final before i had to send it away for AP art.


Oh yeah, and i almost forgot. If anyone remembers my cartoons/comic strip i last posted here about a year ago, Here is my most recent work. after i realized that having a syndicated strip was impossible at my age i decided to make a longer story so in december i basically spent the entire month churning out panels to make a black friday satire. If any one is intrested you can check it out here:




Once again, thanks for all the compliments! I really appreciate the support, I'm planing on going further with art at RISD and majoring in animation so i can pursue making an animated series based off of my cartoon characters!



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Oh wow! I haven't checked this page out in too long! Lots of amazing stuff posted!


Netdvn - I LOVE your park maps... But I couldn't figure out what I'm looking at if my hard drive depended on it! the smae thing that makes them so wonderful to look at - the amazing detail, is also something that makes them confusing to look at. May I suggest using selective wide outlines to bring out certain things? Or perhaps even color? Because I'd hate for you to make less detailed drawings, but I do want to be able to see everything in the park at once.


And sicne I havne't posted here in a while I'll find something from my comic book to upload....


Page 2 of the Kings Island comic.

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