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Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios is a compact Disney theme park located in an undisclosed location. Tons of rides ranging from the traditional family-friendly rides that Disney is well-known for to high-speed thrill rides and everything in between!


Rides include

Superstar Limo - Not the cheesy dark ride at California Adventure... High speed launch coaster into the heart of LA to your favorite songs.


Twilight Zone Escape the 5th Dimension - Dark ride into a cursed movie studio abandoned for decades.


Lightning McQueen's Road Rally - 65 mph racing family ride based off of Radiator Springs Racers


Jungle Rumble Rapids ride deep into the jungle.


Geyser Mountain - Water roller coaster


Rusty Mountain - Roller coaster through an abandoned factory... Includes 40 foot drop off.

... and more!


I actually posted this online at the beginning of this month.

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Microadventure! Tokyo Disneyland - Under Microadventure the subtitles are Japanese for Microadventure. Under that the subtitles mean " Starring Rick Moranis". The bottom right " Tokyo Disneyland" and the bottom left "This attraction may be frightening for young children"


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My First Time Ever Drawing A Mini Park!


called "Sky Pier Park", it features three attractions:


Cloud 9: An Intamin Vertical Lift Coaster, which has a pretzel loop through a hubless Ferris Wheel.

Shoot To The Stars: An S&S Combo Tower

Vapor: A Hubless Ferris Wheel in which Cloud 9 does two inversions.


Hope you like it!

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Apocalypse is a launch roller coaster inspired by Lagoon's Wicked.


Riders are sent hurtling through the ruins of a city, abandoned many decades after an apocalypse wiped out the world's population.


Launched from an outpost amidst the ruins, guests are launched up a 150 foot tower at 50 mph and sent plummeting into a 98 degree drop. The track twists and turns through the ruins as riders are sent upside down 7 times.


Only the bravest of riders can truly uncover the secrets of this post-apocalyptic world.


This drawing took about three weeks to complete.


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Thanks for the comments everyone!


Originally gonna be called Return of Jigsaw, this is a roller coaster based off of the Saw franchise movies. Riders sit in free-spinning cars as they travel through Jigsaw’s most dangerous trap.


Guests navigate through barbed wire rooms, buzzsaws, an electrified fence maze, and a flamethrower pit among the different traps used.


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