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^ I actually grabbed the pic through my Facebook account (which has a tendency to resize pics). The original is actually MUCH bigger & and clearer. TPR wouldn't let me upload a pic in GIF or BMP format because it was apparently "too big" so I had to convert the file to JPEG.


I'll post close ups and better quality pics later...


And thanks for the comments

- Dan

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More previews!! The first one is going to be 2 roller coasters, one is a Zierer coaster and second one is a Vekoma SLC.


The second preview is the Park Entrance and plaza, although, I like SFNE's park entrance/plaza because it looks classy. So I'm trying to duplicate the look, but make it a little different. (Although it's not done yet...)


Edit: Well, put the photos in backwards... Oh well.


The two Roller Coasters. (Sorry if it's blurry...)


Park Entrance/Plaza.

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^ It looks like you're using a camera to take pics, which has a tendency to blur close ups. Do you have access to a scanner? If so, is the paper too big to fit?


The paper is too big, so I had to use a camera. Paper size is 14x17.

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Miniland is 100% complete... I'm working on a few more projects at the time...


I'm posting close-ups in this update...


Complete overview of the entire park. I'm working on another new park among other projects...


Wave Runner - Intamin Aquatrax (based off of Jet Rescue at Sea World Austrailia)


Ryu Vengeance overview... B&M floorless (based on Drachen Fire @ BGW).


Whirl and Rodeo back half...


Mooonshine River - Intamn flume (based on Shoot the Rapids)


Rodeo - GG woodie with station flyby


Shurieken - Vekoma Stingray

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Ben (Or should I call you neb? XD been following you on DA...) and netdvn, your works are so awesome!



Netdvn.... I gotta commend you on the angle you choose to draw the park fom. That's something you really don't see alot. Most of the time parks are drawn moreso from above. The angle makes it feel alot more real, and less like a map.


Another page from the comic book I'm working on, from the comics about the Midwest trip.

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Thanks Flipdude


Are you ready for this???

The next park in the MIniland chain... The Miniland chain is sorta based off of the new parks popping up in China.


Major coasters

- Diablo - A custom Intamin Mega-Lite - The devil wants his revenge

- Element - Mack Launched Looper - Discover the lab of a mad scientist bent on taking daring thrillsekers on the ride of their lives.

- Bombshell - GCI Wooden Twister - Great family coaster, not to small for the thrillseekers in mind, but not to big to be intimidating.

- Spinjas - Gerstaluer spinning coaster - Couldn't think of a proper theme, but I liked the name for some reason

- Mine Crash - Vekoma mine train - Enter the abandoned mine, but beware of the twisted mine train


Major water rides

- Styx Falls - Journey into the depths of the underworld and the only way out is over the falls (Intamin flume)

- Star Flume - A fun flume ride for the whole family

- Rock River - Rapids ride themed to a lost cave civilization


Major thril rides

- Abyss - drop tower - Are you brave enough to fall into the abyss?

- Spitfire - Giant Frisbee


Miniland is a chain of theme parks built with space in mind. The rides/attractions are basically built on top of each other. The parks combine extreme thrills with family rides and shows.


Enter the park... Bombshell looms over the entrance.


Diablo is one of the more unique Mega-Lites because it doesn't have the turn at the bottom of the first drop.


The Aquasplash Water Kingdom - Cool off here when it gets too hot :)


The Star Flume is themed to a desert canyon


Element and Styx falls await daring riders


Overview of the entire park, there's still a section I haven't included yet. Stay tuned or check out all my artwork on Facebook including ones I haven't posted here. Another Miniland park is coming soon.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Coaster Enthusists, Thrillseekers, Artists...


...I give you PROJECT 2010: Six Flags Illinois!!!!


I used shading, alot of it in this, let's just say it's amazing!


Themed Areas:

- Six Flags Plaza

- Compass Center

- Splashwater Kingdom (Water Park)

- The Old West

- Wiggles World

- DC Superhero Adventures

- LT Adventures

- Northern Territory


Hope you guys like it!


And sorry about the photo quality. Wish they made scanners that can hold 14x17 paper.


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