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TPR and Theme Park Artwork

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lol, thanks

It was originally a anatomy study, but I changed it to a fictional drawing half way through...

I didn't really get the anatomy part that well tho...



And, I will make sure to show the final product if I ever finish it...

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Nothing coaster related, but I've been doing some stuff with a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter X (One of my favorite programs now as it seems so natural).


And we had to do a portrait of a fellow class mate so I did...looks like a creepy version of him as the lighting in the room was kinda dark and the projector was on behind him when I originally shot the photo.


Those who visited CGA's Carnevil 2007 season may remember this clown...

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On the sense of Flash, I have a project coming soon to a TPR thread near you...after next week though, still working on it. Finals week is the following week so the cartoon will then be up on Youtube. But here's some screen grabs for what I have for my 3-minute cartoon.


Only leaving you with 5 shots as I don't want to reveal the plot...yet.


Find the rule breaker in this picture!


The tower was only running in 1-car mode with no lines. How lucky we are!


On the tower...another tribute to my home park...as noted by the surrounding game plaza around the base of the tower.


Which way do we go?


Tribute to my home park, sorta...And inspired by the Little Robby Rob-like characters.

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I’ve been meaning to put up allot of my artwork on here for a while, but I just finished a bunch of coaster related stuff so I thought I'd share.


I think allot of you are familiar with my comic strip but if not you can check it out on this topic:




Take careful notice of my signature i put on the corners of my frames. no, not the legible one, the other one. Yeah, that's right.... Pure Awesomeness.


Festival of the arts poster I made with Photoshop. That’s my hand if you’re wondering.... Thanks for reading! or looking or whatever...


Unfinished Execelorator drawing. Not sure if i'm going to finish it any time soon. Way to much other stuff to work on. This is just a leisure drawing


Non Coaster related art thingy. Made with pastels. Swamps can be cool looking at times.


Yes, I even remember the name of the company that makes Intamin's seatbelt buckles.




I like the portrait better without the top half of my head.


Sunset scene biased on a shot I got over the summer. Oh yeah, and the text says "I Am Maverick" which is sorta corny but this had to represent myself or something


If you look close enough, you can see Bart written on the side of the train, which was some mystery about the ride Tony & Tyler never got around to explaining on “On Point!”


Random abstract maverick illustration I made with pens and prismacolor markers. My self portrait didn't turn out so well, but i needed to include it for my class.


Last panel. Note how the one big train shot spans the three frames


Middle Panel


This is the background incase you couldn’t see it to well. I took all the pictures and mixed it with Photoshop.


Yay! thats my name, but not my signature!


93 MPH!!!! or wait... maybe it's 92!!!!


Mixed media thing, with paint film pen and ink and computers. It has three pannels

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Dan's Theme Park Artwork

1st Artwork Related Post Ever!!


Become a fan on Facebook!


This isn't the only artwork-related post I have. I've got more content including new coasters and parks on the next couple pages. I plan on creating a new thread featuring my artwork later this year...


If you want to see more, check the rest of it out.

- Dan * New TPR artist * Nguyen


Hello! My name is Dan.


I'll start with the FAQ first.


1. Did you draw that?



2. How long does it take you to do these?

It depends on the size and the eleborate-ness (is that even a word?) of the picture. Most pictures take around 30 minutes to do, but I've created a picture that took about a week to finish.


3. Do you have a life?

No, not really.


4. Are theme parks and roller coasters ALL you draw?

I also draw cities and towns as well, but I prefer theme parks.


5. Are these parks real or fake?

All these parks are completely fictional unless I say so.


6. Can you teach me how to draw?

I'm not a very good teacher. I can give tips on improving your drawing skills though.


7. Can you make me something?

Not right now. I'm thinking about selling my pictures online though sometime in the future.


8. Where do you get your inspiration?

PTRs, POVs, visiting actual parks, and RCT.


9. Do you play RCT?

Yes, although my RCT parks aren't as good as a lot of parks that members post here. I don't have RCT installed on my computer right now, so I can't really play it anyway.


10. Why isn't RCT installed on your computer?

Because my computer's lame and won't let me install anything.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I really want to design roller coasters, but the chances of me landing a job in the industry are slim to none. I've considered becoming an architect/engineer, but my math skills aren't that great (even though I'm part Asian). My parents want me to become a doctor (what parents don't want their kids to become doctors/lawyers) but I'm pretty clumsy and I doubt anybody wants somebody like me treating them. I was also thinking about becoming an artist, but my parents told me artists don't make much money. I'm considering going into graphics design so I can do something I enjoy and get paid for it.


I promised everybody pictures so here they are...


The dive machine is named after the vertical drop coaster in South Africa. I originally thought it was named Shaft of Terror and it was built by B&M. This park has multiple themed lands. The Intamin in the background is Air Raid, America's first Mega-Lite.


This is Geyser Mountain. I got the name from an actual Disney concept, which featured a ToT-style ride themed to a geyser.


A POV shot of one of the outdoor portions on the ride. The castle in the distance is bigger than the one in CA.


A picture of the actual ride. It is a combination of Indy, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and test Track. There are two Hidden Mickeys in this picture.


The logo for the first ride I'll post. It doesn't look like much.

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From one artist to another, sheer awesomeness! I definately say go for the graphic design route, but be prepared for anything. My college had a bunch of prerequisite classes that were extremely annoying and abstract before we were even aloud to take basic art classes.




Still, completely epic! Love all of those scenes

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Since my original topic got merged, I'll include a title in bold, bright, colorful letters in order to distinguish my posts from everybody else's.


Dan N's Theme Park Artwork Part 2


Thanks for the comments everybody. I'll definitely consider selling my artwork once I get my name out there.


Today's series of pictures comes from the fictional town of Swiss Falls Michigan and their family amusement park, Cheddar Beach. The park itself is run by the city and is funded through tax money as well as tourist money.


This year, the park is building a western themed coaster called Outlaw. It features a 65 mph launch into a top hat, a large amount of interaction with guests in line as well as interaction with theming.


If anybody has any questions, please see my FAQ on the previous page first. And on to the pictures...


This is a teaser shot for my next update, which will hopefully be soon.


Because everybody seems to like Shaft, You can see both Shaft's train as well as Air Raid's train in this picture. Dive Machines are very sexy.


The coaster's logo. I hope you enjoyed my first fictional PTR.


3 Intamins in one shot!!! The park seems oddly familiar.


One of the low-to the ground turns. The coaster in the background is X-Scream (2004). Can you guess what this park is based off of?


Outlaw through the theming. The B&M is Steel Eagle (1999) and the Intamin is Millennium Dragon (2000). A Screamin Swing and an S&S Combo Tower can be seen in this picture.


One of the ride's elements from a backstage area. Taken with permission of course.


A picture of the station, it's still under construction.


A picture of the launch track overlooking the lake. The rocks provide a barrier as well as a theme.


The coaster's entrance, note the signs haven't been put into place yet.


The sign greeting visitors - There is a teaser for the new ride on the left side of the sign.


Outlaw with Millennium Dragon in the background. The ride seems to have a more extensive theme than another coaster located in Ohio. EDIT, I forgot to add this picture.

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Dan's Theme Park Artwork Part 3a


The new ride I'm posting is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter named Grind. The ride and the station is completely finished, and the ride is currently testing. The park, Wild America is the current "roller coaster capital of the world" with 20 operational coasters. The park was owned by Paramount before Cedar Fair bought the property. This fictional PTR comes in two parts because I still have two more almost-finished pictures and I really want to post this now.


Grind features four inversions and a 97 degree drop. The ride was originally going to go into a building like Mystery Mine, but I know that Cedar Fair would probably not spend the extra money with theming. The ride is slightly inspired by the "Geronimo" coaster that somebody uploaded here a while ago.


The ligter pictures were done in pencil while the darker ones were done in pen.


Part 4's teaser shot. I will try to finish up the last two pictures and post them tomorrow. I don't color my pictures very often so this is a unique pic.


A second unfinished picture, this one was taken in the queue line.


This is an unfinished "through the trash can" shot of a section of the pre-lift.


The ride's finale with the Eiffel Tower in the background.


Part of the pre-lift section, taken from the station.


The entrance to the ride. It is supposed to open sometime next month. The park opens in two weeks.


View of the MCBR to Dive Loop section. The tran is going into the double down.


Overview of the ride with a testing train.


A picture of the ride with a testing train


The entrance to the park. Rides from left to right... Eiffel Tower, X-celerator, Nickelodeon Splat Tower, Grind, Fireball, and Falcon.


Concept for the coaster... I got rid of the frames surrounding some of the track because they took too much tiime to draw. Note the funny lift supports as well.

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