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Got one you all are going to like. Just did this for my "Principles of Design" Face project. We had to take 5 related (In my case, almost related) things to recreate a characters, or create an original face. Mine consists of Hurricane (SCBB) track, an Arrow wheel, Doubleshot car, one of the cabin thingies from a KMG Afterburner, and the misfit, iPod cable. So I guess my theme is "Things I like."


EDIT: I forgot to say that this was done with Photoshop.


Paper Mario!

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How did I miss this thread? I figured I show some of my character designs.


These are just the different examples of my art, cartoons, comics, colored on the computer, with marker and by pencil.


I don't draw as much as I'd like, but I am hoping with the summer coming up, I'll get to doing more now that I am on break from University.


Anyways, enjoy!


And my only serious attempt at realistic drawing. I don't stray into that area too much. This is actress Jenna Dewan.


Amerigo Boccacio, also from my pirate comics.


This is Captain Sam Drake from my pirate comics.


Two characters from a zombie comic. These two take on zombies with baseball bats and chainsaws!


Here is the original version of the leader of the Six Flags, SuperX. Before she got the magenta hair of course.

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You would love it much more, if I had the Intamin wheels, wouldn't you? That would have been awfull... A Vekoma fan painting a B&M with Intamin wheels?!


I love to have affairs with other coasters, but vekoma is always in my heart

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Here's a different form of art, edited by me. I know this technically be posted in the random video thread, but I'd rather this not be lost in the sea of other random youtube videos.


This is my second round editing/making a music video for this class in the art dept @ CSUEB called "Creative Process" in which the end of the quarter, the teacher and students make props and shoot a video. They then give it to me to capture, edit, and put on DVD.




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I just submitted a design to threadless.com. I won't know for a few days whether it has been accepted or not though, but I thought I'd share here.


It's called "Misfortune Cookies"...and as I posted this I just realized that there is a typo on one of the fortunes...I'll just pretend that it was intentional...a kind of "Chinglish" if you will.


Misfortune Cookies Tshirt

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Those of you who know I'm as obsessed with longboarding as I am with coasters, I do custom shapes and artwork provided I find the right wood...in this case, I'll take old skateboards that lost their pop or have screwed up noses/tails, and convert them into mini cruisers or banana boards (really narrow/short boards from the 70's). So, here's my work of art, on wheels...hand shaped, hand painted.

You'll have to turn your head, or turn your monitor to see it right, or just deal with it sideways! And yes, thing is a blast to ride!

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