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^I took the bike one and the skyscrapers one at Yom Kippur. it's a day in Israel where all buisnesses are closed and cars arent allowed to drive, the streets are abandoned, so the entire city gets fille dup with kids on bikes, skates, scooters and skateboards.


that pciture was taken on the freeway, actually. on a normal day I woudlnt of made it there without being run over.


heres the full Yom Kippur photo TR, being a fan of such thigns I think youll enjoy it:


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Well, it's that time again that I'm in an art class but now at my university. This one's a "Basics to multi-media" kind of a class which gives both us graphic design and multi-media majors a taste before we carry on. (BTW, my major's Graphic Design). Anyway, our first official project involves using a Wacom tablet, Photoshop, and a photo of a person or landscape that we took. So, here's what I have going so far.



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^ Dude, you have amazing talent! How do you color that in so good?


If i scan my drawings, I'll post them here. I can draw, but I suck at coloring.


Looks like a water color to me...possibly a wet wash in areas as the colors bleed into each other nicely, and dry brush for the small details (clean edges). And of course, good paper. Anywho, my drawing's done.


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Hello! It's been quite a while since I was here... I have lost interest for coasters ages ago. I have gotten into a modern art movement called hyperrealism ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperrealism_%28painting%29 ). Modern architecture is also another new interest, and I'm going to become an architect


Here is my first contribution to hyperrealism:


Painted by freehand, with acrylics and regular brushes, on a canvas. It took 6 months to paint, 450-600 hours. An art gallery in London has already shown interest

read more and see a larger image here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/52335458/


greetings Ville aka. NCF

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