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Just for fun, I'm working on a stencil/painting of Gir from Invader Zim.

I made some stencils out of a picture of him which I will use to paint several layers. I just finished rolling on the first layer:


Edit: 800th post!


The first layer is done!


The rolling is almost complete


My materials.


The picture I'm painting on. I would've taken pictures of the stencil-cutting process, but I didn't think about it until later!

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Time to bump this topic again. Some may remember my screwed up Montu I did on the scratchboard (The color screwed it up). Using chalk-like pastels on black 25-cent construction paper, I made a POV shot of Montu which came out awesome. Still working on it though as you can see. This picture is 18''x24'' and will be framed when completed.

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When I make a very accurate drawing I usually draw at least 50% of the outlines before I start shading, but this is just a small project just for fun, and I am pretty inpatient with it

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Sorry for double posting again but as some know, finals are around the corner or are happening right now for us in college. For my figure & composition drawing class, we had to do a scene containing 5 people, 2 full-figured people. So here it is...anyone want to take a stab at what medium I used? I'll give you 3 hints: No one can touch it, it will be on 18x24 paper, and this is the first time I've ever used this technique for a drawing.


Also, here's my just about finished Riddler's Revenge.


Lastly, any news on that Tatsu drawing? I'm anxious to see more of it!



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Heres one of the better photoshops I've done recently.


This one contains three images:


Me with paper blinds in the background (black stuff)

Linoleum (blue stuff)

and a basic image that I don't remeber what it was to create some spattering


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I've been meaning to post the pictures from my school's art show for a long time but I never got around to uploading the pictures. But anyways here they are.


Yo yo yo! Dat be ma show. Peace out.


Pirates and hot dogs. Oh the fun.


If you have heart, back, or neck problems... DO NOT RIDE!!!


I'm pretty sure I've posted this one here before... but for those of you who haven't seen it... here you go.


Most people had to do a double take when they looked at this one. It's actually a drawing!!!


That's me and my art. Yup. Just me... and my art. My art and me.

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I had to do a model of a coaster for Science last year. Mine turned out really, really well. I got an A+ with 105%.

It's a bobsled-like coaster loosely based on La Vibora.

Took 30 hours to complete, or 10 hours a day over Memorial Day weekend.




The obligatory layout shot. As you can see, there are two stations and a tunnel.


I love how the flashlight simulates a full moon.

Yes, I know the lift is crooked.




Detail shot

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