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TPR and Theme Park Artwork

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Time for some bumpage.


First time watercolor painter, completely new to all of this and this is what I whip up in 2 days. We had to do 3 focal points on the painting (Areas that catch the eye) so I changed up some minor things, such as the plastic ice block the walrus's sitting on.


Original Photo



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Wow. You guys are awesome at drawing. I can't draw squat, but I sometimes make little doodles of partial roller coaster tracks with a train on it. It's not any particular roller coaster, just a track and train. I'll try to get one on here sometime. They're not very good, and I'm even eleven years old.

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Oh my god, are you guys friggen kidding me? How could I have missed this thread?! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!!


There I was thinking I'm TPR's resident artist! Would seem I'm not even the best in the cartooning department! *COUGHDRAGONFLYCOUGH*


I want to see a big version of the finished big dipper drawing!


And that donkey.... FRIGGEN AWSOME! and the Geforce thing... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was "No friggen way that's a drawing!"


Well you guys all know my TPR art(and if you dont, SHAME ON YOU! CLICK MY SIG!) so I'll post some of my non-TPR stuff


I have a whole lot more tell me if ya wan tme to post 'em.


A background I made based on a series of animations I made


I don't fit in :(


FD3 Parody - soon on a T-shirt near you!


An illustration for a horror story fanfiction made about a couple charecters of mine


I don't like old people.

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