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  1. First off - Don't tell the moderators how to moderate unless you want to be banned also. Secondly - WTF did I just read over the past couple of pages??? CedarFair1 *ABSOLUTELY DID* post some stupid clickbait video with a link to his video when he could have simply embedded it into the forum for everyone to view. But no, he made it a link so people would click out of our forum to his channel. That's really lame. Larry was absoultely in the right for calling him out on the legitimacy of the video. Here's an idea to CedarFair1 and the rest of you... If you don't want to be called out by our moderators for making confusing and stupid posts... Don't make confusing and stupid posts. Have I made myself clear? I hope so because no one is forcing you to post to our forums. What was that about click bait?? You’re so right. Nobody is forcing anyone to be here. So I’m out. This community has been toxic for a long time and I already never post anymore as it is because you and your mods are so awful to people. So I’m out too. My unsubscribe requests never seem to work so plz hit me with the ban hammer too. Thanks. (def not clickbait, amirite??)
  2. when i added funpix this year, they gave me a new card with the qr code instead of the old bar code. i heard others having their cards replaced with the drink plan. not sure if that had something to do with your photos not working or not. i did get my new card at the same park i bought it at though, knott's. Honestly I had the some issues with my Platinum Pass at CGA last year. They seemed very poorly trained. I remember hoping that I just got someone who wasn't fully trained yet, but maybe it's a much bigger problem there lol... I bought my pass online through the CW web site, actually had my photo taken and got my pass at Knotts, and then went to use it again at CGA and the girl looked at me like I had two heads lol. It ended up being fine once she called a manager over, but I have no idea what could have been so confusing about a Platinum Pass!
  3. Leviathan! I've been to CW like four times in the past week lol
  4. ^ He does post good videos. And doesn't waste a lot of time repeating himself and stuff. The one linked above is especially worth watching imo. I'm going to the park on Monday. I'm also a YouTuber (get your laughs in lol) so I also usually take video, but I will get some stills to post here as well. PS. Hi. I've been a lurker for 98% of my time on TPR lol so sorry if this came out of the clear blue
  5. Callout! I'm at CGA for the day today! Visiting Cali for work and randomly got the day off at the last minute, so I'm here all by myself! Def not sad to be here alone, but if there are any locals who are free to meetup, give me a shout! IG is the best way to reach me, @jazzimm My story will tell you where I am lol but you can DM me too!
  6. I keep debating whether or not to get a season pass this year... idk if the new additions alone have me sold on it, buuut I am probably going to go to Knott's too, and if things work out in my favour at work I'd also get to hit CGA. Maybe a platinum pass would finally be worth it for me this year??
  7. I'm gonna go ahead and put my money on the same bet as everyone else who is saying waterpark expansion/redesign in 2017 and coaster in 2018. I actually think they are going to market it as a Spash expansion but it will be more of a redesign (we can already see how this has started with the entrance gate adjustment). Maybe a new slide or two, or an expanded wave pool. Expanded kids area to draw the family crowd in, too. I could also see the change rooms and gift shops move behind the new gates to make more room for the 2018 coaster near the old SkyRider spot. Just my latest theory. Who knows!
  8. Well, I'm torn about this. A part of me is really excited for GKTW and the big new direction this sounds like it's taking. ... and then the selfish part of me is mad that CF won't be hosting the event this year because CW is my home park and this means I'll probably have to miss it again this year (was sick last year).
  9. Welp, you guessed right lol. Can't agree with you (not even a little!) about Vortex. That ride is a gem! And Skyrider? While I was sad to see it go in a nostalgic kind of way, I hadn't ridden it in years and it probably would have been an honourable mention on my list too if it were still standing lol... Yup, you're backwards haha. But, to each his own! If you love 'em, ride 'em!
  10. ^ That was my thought exactly. Don't get me wrong, I'll take a road trip to check it out, but I don't really know if doing blockbuster-related theming is planning smart for the long haul... (That being said, I don't care if Harry Potter is old news in 20 years, I'll cry if they ever change that particular park lol)
  11. My home park has at least a few skippable rides lol, but my biggest pet peeve that's taking up space at CW would have to be Tomb Raider. It's "Time Warp" now but I haven't ridden it since the name change, so... Honourable mention: Flight Deck I don't go to other parks often enough to dislike any of the rides as much as I dislike those two.
  12. Yeah, I will be somewhat more okay with this if it's optional and not forced-to-wear if you want to ride the ride. I'll be pretty pissed if I never get to ride Thunder Run again the way it was meant to be ridden. Also, I know it's been well received and I know it's won award. I'm sure Guardian is working out just fine for the park so far, but my opinion of it will likely never change, unless the ride itself sees some pretty big changes... I'm fairly sure I'll always feel it was a massive waste of some of the awesome space inside the mountain. (And note that I'm not against family-friendly rides, I just think this particular one is dumb lol)
  13. I'm a former park employee and daughter of a former park manager. I basically grew up at CW. I care that Herman's name is Herman and I care that they ruined his legacy with that sh--ty Guardian ride. Back on topic, I am also not a fan of this VR idea. I think it's logistically a stupid decision, and I don't understand why they would slap it on a ride that has so much history and also still has the opportunity for a cool re-vamp with some awesome theming. Save that VR crapola for Guardian, which would probably be better as a VR experience since inside the mountain is only half-themed anyways lol.
  14. Thanks for the donation! I've been working on a cancer event and am just able to switch focus and start pushing for C4K donations now. Gotta help my CW team to get up there with the top teams!
  15. ^ I have also never been to La Ronde, and while I am planning on going in the next year or two, all I have to say is this: I've never had anything but bad customer service experience absolutely anywhere I go in Quebec. I've been told this is because I'm not a Francophone and that it's basically a "thing" in Quebec. So I'm not surprised by their history of bad customer service, per se, but it is also why I am in absolutely no rush to get to that park. I'll make it out eventually, but only because I'll be passing through the province on my way elsewhere lol. That being said, I completely agree with your comments about overhauling the customer service (maybe time to bring in new management and new training) before worrying about new additions.
  16. I'm going to play devil's advocate with the "can't make a bad ride better" bit... Couldn't one argue that if you add enough theming, you potentially turn a "bad ride" into a Dark Ride (of sorts)? I mean, sure if a ride is downright painful then you can't fix that with a well-put-together story and surroundings... but you could change the entire "feel" of a sub-par ride by over-theming. Some of the more kooky parks out there like Bonbon Land already prove this to a point, in that they have some pretty average rides that have been made infamous due to theming making it much more fun (Dog Fart Coaster comes to mind). There are many rides out there that wouldn't even be what they are known for without the theming. As for my personal opinion on the matter? I'm pretty much indifferent. If I have fun on a ride, I don't care if it's because the ride is just an awesome piece of machinery, or if it is partially because of the theming, or if it is entirely because of the theming. I don't feel the need to add theming to something that is already awesome (the eyes on the tunnel of Leviathan at CW comes to mind... like, why?). I think parks could use theming to make up for a ride that might be older (or not as thrilling or low on ridership or whatever) more interesting and more attractive. But I don't think it's the end of the world if they don't.
  17. Super excited and proud to announce that I'll be participating at Canada's Wonderland again this year!! Wasn't able to last year because of a really awful working situation at the time, so I'm pumped to raise and ride even more this year http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1037644&pg=personal&fr_id=1361
  18. Interesting video.... I'd love to know what triggered Paramount to make the decision to go back into the Amusement Park part of the entertainment industry. The video sort of touted this as 'new' venture for them as if it's part of the industry that they've never explored before, but we all know they recently sold their chain of Paramount Parks after years of being in the industry. So why dive back in now? And why London? Also, why Rango? Did that movie really do so well in theatres that it deserves an entire "world" in the theme park? Star Wars and Harry Potter "lands" I can understand because those are iconic stories that multiple generations know and generations to come will probably also know them for quite a while. But Rango? I would have expected Star Trek or something. Though I'm sure that's just one of many themed areas. It does look really cool, I'm just not sure people will still get the reference in 5-10 years... Must be planning a sequel lol This is a pretty massive undertaking. I'm interested to see how it all plays out.
  19. Canada's Wonderland: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: Evviva is a nice little spot on Rutherford (just south of the park). Seriously good and seriously reasonable prices lol (I know that's important if you're spending money in the park all day). Amazing breakfasts. They do takeout as well, if you're in a hurry to get back to the rides. And note that I'm putting it under the "dinner" category only because they do serve dinner foods, but keep in mind they close pretty early most days (like 4 or 5pm). Lunch/Dinner: If you're a walker and want to eat a little closer to the main gates, or just in a bigger hurry, or if you're a fan of spanish food, head across the street from the "kiss-n-ride" drop off to Pollo Loco Churrasqueria. Seriously delicious chicken, friendly staff, less than a 5 min walk from the front gates, and a long-time favourite of locals. It's take-out only, but I've had many a "picnic" with good friends eating Pollo Loco food on the grassy boulevards around the parking lot. Typing that out just now not only made me really hungry, but also really made me want to visit CW... Hurry up, Spring!!!
  20. ^ You guys are absolutely right. Now that you mention it, I've been told that before that the banks rent out the park before opening day. Apparently I need to make friends with someone at RBC lol
  21. Why is Opening Day on Sunday at CW? Is Sunday a more significant day than Saturday in Canada, or is there some other reason? Sorry if I sound dumb. Actually, yes. More people tend to do their leisure activities on Sundays (at least where I am in Southern Ontario, anyways). In some areas it's even the busier day for grocery stores and what not. I'm not sure why they wouldn't open on the Saturday though, if only to take advantage of the extra operating day at a time when they are only open on weekends... I mean, as nicman mentioned above, it's been Sunday for years, but now that you mention it, it actually is a good question as to why Sunday.
  22. Nobody linked to the website yet? It has lots of info - http://www.londonparamount.info/ From the "rides and attractions" page: Potentially a very exciting project! The Facebook page also said something about the largest indoor waterpark in Europe. There's also a high-res image of that gate pic on the home page of the web site, and you can see what looks like a suspended coaster going up a mountain. I hope this project works out as planned!
  23. I live in Central Ontario (yes, Canada). Today, during my afternoon commute home I noticed that gas went down to $0.94/litre. Now, that's $CAD and litres, not gallons, so I'm not exactly sure how comparable it is to the US right now. But I was still pumped about it! Over the past month, my daily commute (about 1.5 hr each way) has gone from costing me $25-$27/day, to $16-$19/day. I'm a happy camper.
  24. Ah, my area of expertise! Ok, if you want to kill two birds with one stone (so to speak), go do the Steam Whistle Brewery tour during your Downtown Toronto time. The tour is great and you get to try some of Ontario's favourite beer (well, one of many of Ontario's favourite beers lol). I've also heard great things about the Mill St Brewery tour, but I haven't done that one myself yet because I end up going to Steam Whistle every time I'm downtown lol. I love Steam Whistle beer and I always have fun and it's right beside everything else I usually go down there to do (it's right across the street from the Aquarium and CN Tower and conveniently close to Union Station). If when you mention "nightlife" you want to know about what clubs are good, then that's a whooooole different conversation lol. Toronto has endless nightclubs. Maybe decide what district of the city you want to stick to and then narrow it down from there, if you plan on going clubbing. There really is a ton to do in Southern Ontario.. If you decide to hit up the Niagara region you can do everything from the typical "Falls attractions" to the Butterfly Conservatory to wine tours, etc. Or if you want to explore the Vaughan area there is Dave & Busters (which I loooove if you want to have fun and have good food all in one go), you can catch an IMAX film at the Colossus, or do some shopping at Vaughan Mills (though unless you want something you can only find in Canada I would recommend shopping in the US). If you have kids you want to keep entertained, the South Simcoe Rail isn't too far from Vaughan. And you definitely won't run out of things to do Downtown Toronto. You can also check out our awesome local pubs for the "beer experience". I would suggest starting on John St. for the pubs. The Office Pub is one of my favourite go-to locations, and it's not far from other good ones like the Town Crier or the Friar. I never go hungry when I go to the Friar lol. You could also catch a show - there are always great concerts, and Toronto has really good theatre productions as well. I know Mirvish always has something good showing. Or you can stick to my favourite "touristey" attractions that everyone has already brought up (because they're classics!) - CN Tower, the Toronto Zoo (which, don't be fooled when you're planning, isn't anywhere near Downtown Toronto), the Distillery District, the Aquarium, etc. Good luck with your planning! Oh, and I wouldn't worry about getting on all the rides during peak season. If you stay for a full weekday you're pretty much guaranteed to get them all in. Especially if it happens to be rainy!
  25. It appears I was way off and blind, I was there at 8pm for Haunt and I only saw it from Cornstalkers... So the fences are up and the pathway untouched, however I do know I saw bridges forsure over the track/river portion of White water canyon that was not for Haunt Guess I didn't read your post very well lol, sorry. Other than that, you weren't far off! My brother swore he saw saw something in the White Water Canyon area when we were on either Behemoth or Minebuster (can't recall which ride it was, we rode each one a few times) but I didn't read much into it because I didn't see it myself. I guess there's a chance that could have bee the bridges you mentioned.
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