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^ You have a scanner? Also if you do plan on taking pics, using the flash would help to view the pics better.





Welcome to Facebook World

Basically a work in progress shot of what Facebook would look like if it were an actual city. I've been working on this piece for months now (image was shrunk to meet TPR's size restrictions, but you can find a full version of it on my Facebook page and deviantART profile).


Left to right..

- Fan pages

- Applications

- People complaining about Facebook

- Small groups and fan pages

- Top News

- Pokes

- An overview of Facebook


Welcome to Facebook world!

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I loooooove that picture...
That is indescribably epic, Ben. I love all of your drawings.


You'll love it even more, cause it's done!! I will upload it tomorrow.

Here's my question though, since it's a real park drawing, should it get it's own topic?

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Here's my question though, since it's a real park drawing, should it get it's own topic?


I normally would say 'no' to this request, as that's what this thread is for...


But GO FOR IT! I'm drooling over the rest of the park's features. The only thing I request is that you put up enough photos to make it worth it.


In the header line, put [Theme Park Art] so we know what it is along the way.


Looks good. Is there any way you could do a 'start-to-finish' timeline before posting up the finished works?



Games Forum Moderating Team

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Alright folks, here's what you've been waiting for the past few months...


...Six Flags St. Louis: 40th Anniversary Edition!!


I can't believe I made history today as I unveiled the park on the Six Flags St. Louis Facebook page this morning. Feels great to have succeeded a lifetime achievement.


I was going to have this as a separate topic, but I decided to keep it safe on here so I don't get in trouble.

Now, ONTO THE PHOTOS!! (I saved the best for last!!!)



Six Flags St. Louis: 40 YEARS Emblem.


Hurricane Harbor


The Boss


1904 World's Fair and Entry way


American Thunder (Evel Knievel)


More of The Boss and Screamin' Eagle (Notice the colors for it's 35th Anniversary).


GO BIG. GO SIX FLAGS! (Looks printed doesn't it?)


Here it is, the whole park itself...



Six Flags St. Louis!!


Also posted on: deviantArt and Ben's Amazing Artwork - Facebook


That's all I got so far. If you guys want more photos, let me know and I'll post more up.

Thanks for viewing everyone!

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I did this for my Graphic Design course.


Take an ordinary photograph of Space Mountain...


Add in a sketch of the same thing...


Voila! A collage!

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1st: Floorless wingrider?

2nd: Some rost of launched flyer is all I can get out of it. The inversions are a bit confusing.

3rd: Inverted standup for the win! Restraints look a bit minimalist though

4th: Standup Hypers? not entirely sure, but okay. The supports on that past verticle drop look WAY too minimal though. That thing could snap.

5th: ZOMFG actual art?!?!



Decent ideas, just could be a bit more realistic...

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1. More just floorless wide car

2. Launched coaster. The inversions are just flat rolls

3. Thanks

4. Sit down eurofighters. The track and supports are just wierd. I just designed the car, I didn't really care about the supports so I didn't try...

5. Is that good or bad?

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I like the idea, but you just can't have lapbars like that on a standup, unless it's going to be used for a really tame, family-friendly ride where you just have to trust the riders to remain in the proper riding position. Maybe if it had foot restraints you could get away with some more intense track elements, but there should still be something preventing the riders from leaning all the way forward.

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