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  1. The quality and detail level of this is extraordinary. Simply breathtaking.
  2. I think you might need some shrubbery and changes in the terrain texture and mabye elevation. It doesnt have to be much elevation, but just a little bump or pit will make it that more realistic. Also, it will help you cover up the squariness of it all, for example; look at the first screen with the Swamp(?) themed steel coaster. Look at the left at the green sludge (or whatever it's called) pool (the green bubbling water), anyway, look at how square the edges are. If you put in some shrubbery, texture and elevation changes around it (mabye some full dirt mixed with the grass/dirt) it would (at
  3. Looks really good, but it could do with more bushes, grass and tropical shrubbery.
  4. I think that if you can bother with custom scenery and stuff like that, then you should go for RCT3. Just remeber though, that Tomes is extremely good at this, and it will take a LOT of time to master it and get that good. It's also VERY time consuming, so if you just want to get into a game and just play for the fun of it, you should choose the other one. It's much more rewarding for a beginner and looks good without all the custom scenery and (atleast to me) more fun to play. Basically: RCT3 + custom scenery + a lot of time = Realism and beauty RCT2 (or RCT1 for that matter) + less tim
  5. Thank you! Now i don't have to fly 10 hours to get to georgia if I want to visit the park.
  6. Personally i loved this one, but the panel at NE can be quite wierd sometimes. This should be a clear design win, with at least 5% to spare.
  7. For me the chinese-ish(?) looper seems a bit out of place. Mabye you should work around that theme a bit and mabye something will come to you once you get going. I would prefwer though, to see the entire park made the same way as the rapids area, because that really fits the style of the park. The park is not so big that it needs special areas to keep it interesting.
  8. Well it obviously can, If you CS it a bit (a lot), and somehow make your own CTR or something to make it look like in real life and not all square and boring like usual...
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