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Favorite Coaster Sounds

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I love that high-pitched noise you hear when cars advance in stations... you hear it on USF's Mummy for example, and a bunch of other rides...


Good call! I like that one, too! It really sounds eerie on RoTM!


I like the B&M roar, but when standing close it can be a little loud for my liking...but hearing that noise entering a park is always a welcome sound. Along the lines of roars, I think Mr. Freeze actually has a pretty good sound when it runs.


The sound pre-fabs make while delivering airtime is pretty cool as well from what I gather on videos, but I've never heard it in person!

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PTC trains disengaging from the lift hill. Particularly on Ravine Flyer II (being able to stand pretty close and being there everyday makes it stick out). I love hearing the anti-rollbacks going from steady and consistent to increasingly faster and louder.


Some other favorite sounds:

Arrow Lifts

Phantom's Revenge's second drop listening from the station

B&M Roar when they don't dull it down too much

Older wooden coasters hitting anti-rollbacks throughout the course

Son of Beast's lift hill was epic

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I like the machine gun like sound that comes from a B&M Inverted coaster, to this day, I like to pretend hold my handles out like I'm a complete nut case and laugh while going up the lift hill. I like the B&M whoosh sound as well from the older models. Naturally, I also like the Arrow's lift hill sound.


Least favorite, the sound that a Boomerang makes when it is pulling you forwards after going through the ride once (and before anyone questions this it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't like these coasters, it just sounds like a jammed can opener).

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