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Favorite Coaster Sounds

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The sound of anti-rollbacks are classic without a doubt! I also have to admit that I like a little whistling from my wooden coasters (but not too much). I also love the sounds of the brake fins dropping on Intamin accelerators. You gotta love the B&M roar as well.


But the winner, in my opinion, is the ominous hum that Vekoma GIBs make as the train goes up the back spike. No matter where you are in the park, you can hear it, and it always sound quiet and intimidating.

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In no particular order:


-Arrow lift hills

-Intamin and Premier LIM Launches

-B&M lift hills, as well as the classic B&M roar

-Intamin's hydraulic launch system, especially on Xcelerator

-Intamin magnetic brakes

-The sounds of a wooden coaster running PTC trains

-Pretty much every noise Montezooma's Revenge makes


There are actually very few coaster sounds that I don't like.

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Me personally, I LOVE the sound of LIMs on Impulse coasters and Volcano at KD.




It's too bad LSM coasters like Maverick and Cable launched coasters like TTD and MF don't have the awesome horror-movie scream of LIMs. It really adds to the experience in my opinion.

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Sound of Flight decks lift hill it has that da da do da da beat.

Also the sound of arrow rollercoasters esspecially vortex.

Firehawks deafly lift chain.

Invertigos cable lift noise stop and then dddooo *screams*

Diamondbacks brakes before the lift hill and then its roar at the bottom of each hill and its screams.

The beast and racer lift hill

Roar of Racer at the bottom of the hill.

Deliriums noise when it swings.

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The sound of an Arrow chain lift. That is the quintessential coaster sound IMO.
You took the words right out of my mouth the first sound I always hear when Getting out of my car at Darien Lake is Viper slowly climbing the lift, Also always liked the Sound of and S&S Tower and the thud of a Boomerang when the chain grabs the car on the second lift it used to freak me out as a kid.
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A Schwarzkopf Shuttle loop pre launch horn! (Greezed Lightnin' at Kentucky Kingdom has this, do all shuttle loops have this??!)


Also the hissing of brakes, the hum of magnetic brakes, Intamin Hydraulic launches, and any LIM/LSM!


Does the sound of two coasters racing in Rollercoaster Tycoon count?


YES!!! Like a 747 on takeoff!

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- Log Flumes' lift hill anti-rollbacks

- Schwarzkopf Jet Star 1 (just like the one at Särkänniemi) has numerous anti-rollbacks, and with many cars on the track simultaneously, they can be heard almost constantly! Also when a car passes through one of the three ground-hugging curves next to the station, they all have a distinctive sound. The ride also makes a whole lot of other noises (vibrating and such) and I love them all

- Riding AtmosFEAR at Liseberg: first some aggressive cursing by the local language (swedish) here and there. Then about halfway up: complete silence. I laughed so hard (well, as much as I could from my own excitement)!

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The worst has to be BTMRs first lift hill. It's incredibly loud!

The best, the B&M Roar. Especially Nemesis and Kraken.


Other notable mentions:


Anti Rollbacks on Log Flumes

A Gerstlauer Eurofighter (especially Rage) Going down the first drop.

Oblivion letting go and plummeting the train into the hole.

Wooden coasters going through their course.

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