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Efteling Discussion Thread

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I hate everything that has with coal to do, but this ride is just awesomely themed!

Good thing you don't hate Baron 1898 because it isn't a coal-mine but a Gold-mine. The story is about a man finding some gold on cursed land and starts a mine while he gets plague by some ghost.


Anyway good to see the track work complete, Now I really look forward to testing (although it will take a while don't expect it anytime sooner then mid May) really want to see it in action.

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This has to be the funkiest looking helix ever created by B&M! I wonder if you will feel airtime on that banked exit... The station building is just gorge! Really curious to see what kind of effects Efteling will come up with for pre-show, I hope something on the lines of the Flying Dutchman's holograms - if so it would be spectacular. Well done to the Dutch!


They also seem to have started building the thingy under the lifthill, and the stone "base" of the supports.


Thingy`s are fun.







Almost done.

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Are you implying that Baron is a rip-off of Tower of Terror? Tower of Terror is a rip off of a gold mining tower, even if the tower itself is authentic.

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Looking at the images, Tower of Terror indeed looks very similar to Baron 1898. However, the tower of Baron 1898 is based on the mining towers that are found in the south of Limburg (province of the Netherlands) and Belgium, which is how most mining towers look. Therefore you can't really call it a ripoff of another coaster

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European parks crap all over the US parks (Outside of Disney and Universal of course) in regards to themeing. Baron is looking impressive.

Can't forget about SeaWorld Parks. Manta is one of the prettiest coasters, imo!


On-topic. This coaster is actually turning out just as the concept art was drawn, it's quite remarkable. The attention to detail on this coaster is more than I've ever seen. Wow!

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The image on the golden plate of the housing of the wheels, is amazing. It reflects the story of the attraction perfectly. The woman holds a cornucopia ('horn of plenty'), but this time it is not filled with all different kinds of fruit, nuts and flowers but with gold, pearls and diamonds. Than the woman who holds it, is one of the Witte Wieven: spirits of the earth who hinder or help people who encounter them. She's is basically teasing the dragon (famous for protecting but also greedy for gold).

I believe the complete story of the ride is already been told somewhere in this topic, so I won't repeat it completely (go read it, and look at the image again), but I'm just amazed about how they really put thought in what was on those wheel housings. They even changed the design from the one on the original concept art from last year (reason #1: there was already a "lady in white" on top of the Villa Volta Madhouse, as part of the story, and reason #2: this one fits the story much, much better).


Can't wait to see what the end result will be like.

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may someone ask where the inspiration came from?





It's like saying Premier S:UF is a Maurer SkyLoop rip-off, just because they are some similarities, doesn't mean they are knock-offs. It's not like B&M will ever even come close to pushing 6.3G's...


All the details made this ride looks so much better!

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