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Efteling Discussion Thread

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^Not that I'm nitpicking but there is no official date so far from the park. Yes the July opening is likely but still the park has not said a word about that, I do expect the park will communicate something soon.


The lift speed is slightly faster then older brother Krake, Krake climbs 40 meters in 30 seconds Baron does 30~ meters in 20 seconds, Baron just has 1 lift piece of 10 meters less then Krake but I doubt that piece takes away 10 seconds, so it's slightly faster indeed.

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Horizontal shooting mode on the iPhone is always good!

Ugh, yeah. Can we maybe NOT post any vertical videos just to not give them the views? The last thing we want is to encourage horrible video posted to the internet.

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Making of Baron 1898, episode #8: the first testing ride and a first impression of the newly composed music.

(english subtitles available)



Today Efteling also announced that Pinocchio will be the new addition for the Fairy Tale Forest in 2016. Efteling says they will use the original (Italian) story and not the more familiar version of Walt Disney. Pinocchio will cost 2 million euros.

Efteling is also making a Pinocchio musical which will premier later this year at the Efteling Theatre near the entrance of the park.

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This will be the location of the new Fairy tale, or so I'm told:

Source: vijfzintuigen.nl

Yes on the spot where this closed building stand. In de Noordpool (Inside the North pole) opened back in 1955 (a small 3 years after the parks first year) a small snack Shop right after you come down from Roodkapje (Little Red Riding Hood). With the growth of the park it closed down back in 1978 and remaind resting on this soil to be demolished at the end of this year.

Not all will be lost as I understood, cause the guy pointing to the canon and his canon will find a new place in the park (although the park refuse to say where).

Fans have mixed feelings because of the age of the building, know they have a thing for nostalgia but also wishes the to expand further.


Anyway the park seems to be ready for their 29th Fairy tale as they posted this on their Facebook:


Translation: You will never see me in the Efteling.


Well besides the fact I care less for a new Fairy Tale It's something worth sharing right?

To the more interesting part of today:

Man like the music very cheerful and great for the area around the coaster, just hoping on some darker tune inside. That mine car was something I kept in mind that could be removed from the plans, happy to see it didn't.

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Okay might have some bad or good news about the ride just depends on how you look at it:

A Theory on the ride Queueing (pictures and theory is made by myself):

Top view outside (Note this is 100% correct):


As you can see on 1 there is the entrance and we have 2 lines (now confirmed that Blue is the Single rider line and Orange the regular line). Blue takes a direct U turn after it passed the first building (nr 7 on the top view) and lead straight to number 6, the orange however goes into the open area between the coasters track there it will have 2 points (nr 3 and 4) where it can become bigger (made those parts dark red) until it reached number 5. On number 5 the regular queue splits up in in red and yellow (continuation of the regular queue and front row seats) and they meet up between the building and the blue queue on number 6.

So as you can see number 6 (before entering the building) is where we come to gather, now for the bad news if you ask me.

Lets take a look at the building right (This part might have some small differences like the red and purple line could be 1 line instead of 2):


So number 6 is now number 1 and you have guessed it by now, right? Yes on number 1 we most likely have a employe that will point out which of the 3 doors (yellow first row, red second row or purple last row empty train seats will be fille dup with the single rider line here, we have to take in order to sit at our seats in the ride, Note the first row gets the yellow path the regular line will be split up in red and purple. Then when the groups are complete on number 1 we will advance further to number 2 where we get a pre-show (most likely like talking) and after that we can climb up a little stair to go to number 3 where again a pre-show awaits us (This time moste likely with the animatronics). Then we will make a sharp turn to the right before reaching number 4 where we finally can enter the ride, then when we get back and our restrain lets go we will exit at the side of number 5 and will follow the light gray path to the exit (first a stair up over the track then we get outside and descend a stair before entering the chimney building where we get to see our face during the ride and then a small step to exit completely).


So yeah getting 2 actual pre-shows doesn't get me exited at all, really hate the thought of that on a coaster, I'd much rather have walkthrough or small groups that could run basically to the train instead of 2 rooms where I'm forced to listen to a story I will hear thousands of times, also 2 shows are really too much if you ask me.

Keep in mind that from the second picture I speculate some stuff but when you think about it it seems like the most logical move they're going for now.

Anyway what do you guy's think of this?

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I wouldn't mind pre-shows during busy days in any way. However, when it's not busy I think this can become very, very annoying. I hope the pre show can be skipped when the ride is a walk-on. I also hope the queue will have shortcuts. Jori's queue is really annoying when the ride is a walk-on.

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last Tuesday i visite the Efteling and offcourse we must check the new B&M dive coaster Baron 1898.


My first impression of it, AMAZING coaster! very smooth. The appearance of the attractie is very good it's typical Efteling.


i had make a video of the test ride.


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I cant find that it is confirmed or not that we have 2 preshows. Also if there are not people you may be even be allowed to keep sitting in the trains. Happened to me a lot in Vogelrok and the Python, at the time that they where the only 2 coasters. (Not counting the Pegasus as that would have been self torture.)

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^ Did the park say it literally? No, not that I know of, but like I said Drawing 1 is 100% correct (I can get all pictures to prove it if you want me too) that means the 3 lines (Single rider, regular and Front row) come together at point 6. Then it's just putting 1 and 1 together to figure out we have actual pre-shows and since there are 2 rooms before the station when you think about it you'll get the point that there are 2 pre-shows. Drawing 2 isn't 100% correct but here's a small list of the things I'm not sure off:

- 3 lines: Well the coaster has 3 rows and the front seat needs a separate line on the inside. Take the part that there are 3 doors 3 lines seems like the logical answer, but there could very well be only 2 lines.

- What happens in room 2 and 3: Well 2 big rooms how high is the chance they both hold a pre-show? Pretty big right? So I assume they're preshow rooms, although what is inside of each room brings up a question mark.

Well that was it. 4 is proven by the fact that I found the path of 5 during the steel construction, and again putting 1 and 1 together means that 4 is de boarding side and 5 the exit side.

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