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Efteling Discussion Thread

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The other concept art shows it better, but it's a huge wheel like you would find on the top of a mining tower. This shows it more clearly:


Name of the new Dive Coaster announced: Baron 1898!


Also, finally some concept arts:




Station building


The trains will be similar to the ones at Heide-Park in Germany (6x3) and it will have two in/unload stations, something like Oblivion in Alton Towers.


Thanks to the construction update movies of the Efteling!:


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So this park doesn't have an offseason?

No, they're open 365 days per year (366 if during Leap years).


Mmmm, lucky general public.


(Our season {Playland/PNE} is from mid-May to end of Oct. with Fright Nights)

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Hey guys,


After months of work, I finished my project: a 3D on-ride of Baron 1898.


So, do you want to experience what it’s like to ride Baron 1898?

Check out this video:





Greetings, Gijs de Groot (15 years old)

PS I got permission from the Efteling to publish this video.

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Here is another Construction update, I forgot to upload it this weekend so today's progress is added: Construction Stance 9-3-2015:

As we can see form a week ago the green line is now a complete line, also a lot of orange footers as today they planted a lot of supports (no track):


Red = Unbuild track.

(Dark) Green = Build track. (Dark green is the build track inside the tunnel)

Purple footers = unbuild supports.

Light blue footers: Supports under construction.

Orange footers = Build Supports.

Yellow just shows how the supports (could) connect to the track.

Blue is just the location of the tunnel.

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Great to see it looks more inverted then his older brother Krake. I have to say it all looks bigger then I expected it to look (still small compered to the others), I'm really looking forward to my next visit and have a look again.

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