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Efteling Discussion Thread

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^ Off course your right, they do now have flexibility with the support. Didn't think of that. But wouldn't it be more logic if the place the arches before placing the platform? Because I think that platform would only be in the way since it like double the length as the tower. I'm no expert on steel construction.

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Awesome video, especially with the soundtrack timing!


And the station is so ornate and well themed, I would swear this

was a building to be used for something else, lol!


Thanks for sharing this!

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There are some dates that have been called out: 2nd or 3th of March the lift will be placed and the 4th of March the top piece will be placed. For now this is just a rumor but seeing the progress a good possibility.

If you look at the concept the drop seems to be 2 pieces short (minus the drop piece). If the rumors are true then I suspect they place those 2 pieces tomorrow, But since both will have no support that will be a balancing act this weekend. Any way seems like things are going good over there.

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Small overview:



Is there a reason why you keep including this in your posts? Please stop. It's annoying.


That seems to be a new hotlink protection, there was a picture of the building first;


Here a video of the tracks beeing placed and a part of the Immelman:




Also the Efteling seems to be contacted an Industrial small rail museum for 2 old locomotives, probaly as theming. (!)

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^ That picture has affected this thread somehow. Go and look back in this thread and you see it so often now. I'm really careful now when I post pictures in this thread and if I see it in any of my recent post I will remove the said picture.


Anyway here is a update on the Dive construction:


Red = Unbuild track. I know they're busy with the lift but it hasn't been placed yet.

(Dark) Green = Build track. (Dark green is the build track inside the tunnel)

Purple footers = unbuild supports.

Light blue footers: Supports under construction.

Orange footers = Build Supports.

Yellow just shows how the supports (could) connect to the track.

Blue is just the location of the tunnel.

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I can't really enjoy these videos due to the illegal and dangerous aspect, but I do recognize it's pretty nice. Would make off-rides videos even more interesting!

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^ I been there myself today. Have to say kind off a bummer the park opened at 11:00 because the lift was like the picture half way in (heard they stated lifting at 10:00) Still it wasn't on it's feet and quite something to see for real. Nothing major happened the rest of the day, the placed the lift top from under the lift on the spot where the place the lift has been laying all these days getting it ready I think for the upcoming week.


Edit: Got your update now:

Like I said this is how we saw the lift at 11:


Entrance has come a long way:


Platform still not completely done:


Now it was almost in place we could here them inside bolting it to the piece in place:


Partly Immelmann, kind off small in real life compared to the lift structure:


You can finally grabs the concept of how high this ride is, still a lot higher then I thought:


This will be my favorite spot to see the trains go up the lift:


This corner 10 years ago looked a lot different, Back in the day they still had Pegasus and de Vliegende Hollander was under construction:


More from the sky:





4 track pieces left to connect this part with the Immelmann, then we have our coaster completed from the begin of brakes to halfway the Immelmann:


Here are 2 of those said 4 pieces being placed somewhere els, more save for them to do more construction:


This was the first time I saw a track piece getting lift up in the air, well it didn't reach it supposed goal, still a nice day to remember :




And end of the line:


Immelmann again:


It all looks so good:


Like the shapes of the ride:


Detailed shot from the other side, nice (fake?) wood work I like it:



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