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The "TPR Klassy Kruise" 2012 Update Thread!

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Jason- looks like you accidentally used the "P" key instead of the "S".




EDIT 2: But seriously, what the turkey baster is with that level naming?


I think I've cracked the code:


3X Krappier

Really Krappy

Mostly Krappy

Unbelievably Krappy

Epicly Krappy


Pretty Krappy

Lots of Neon

Very Krappy

Seriously Krappy

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To be fair I didn't find my cruise on Carnival (Conquest) to be all that bad. The ship had nowhere near the amount of neon on board that you guys seem to have. With that said, in a month I'm going on Mariner of the Seas for a week, and I'm very interested to compare the two trips when all is said and done.


I cruised on Mariner of the Seas and thought it was great. My only cruise experience has been with RCCL.

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Are you ready for another day??


You better be


Here we go


Here is the official logo for the TPR Klassy Kruise! LIKE if you think this is awesome!


YES!!! We are in port with a Costa ship! It doesn't get any Klassier than this!


Lets talk about how stupid Carnival is for a moment. Here is the line for the breakfast buffet. It's long, and doesn't move at all. Why you ask?


Its long and not moving because stupid Carnival has put the omelet bar at the end of the buffet. The omelette come out like one every three minutes. So even if you're not getting an omelet, you're forced to wait in the long line with those that are. It's an insanely stupid setup that we have now come to expect from Carnival.


The theme of finding random stuff on the Klassy Kruise continues! Joey found "sex dice" in a drawer of his stateroom! No joke! Of course we had to use them...


LOL! I wonder who roller that?


Oh, look, it's Piers! That must have been rigged!


This ones not so bad...


Colin enjoyed this...


Pulling into Nassau! Totally Klassy place!


"It's a little sad that Corn Flakes was the best item I had at breakfast!"


Hooray! We just won another round a trivia and got another 24 karat gold plastic shit on a stick!

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This thread is epic - you guys have the best fun!


I am a great fan of things that are so bad you have to keep seeing how much worse it gets!


So basically you are on the Lindsay Lohan of cruise ships.

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Out of curiousity, how much does a voyage on the Carnival Ecstasy run?


Too much.


That ship is reminding me more and more of the Isle of Capri casino in Lula, MS


Are you sure it doesn't remind you of the Mt. Olympus resort?


While there is somewhat of a resemblance and was truly a sh!t hole, it was missing the neon lights in the hotel and buffet like Isle has.

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1st stop of the Klassy Kruise - The Bahamas! Let the zaniest begin!


But first lunch...



Lunch service on the Klassy Kruise isn't much better. Waiting in line 20-30 minutes for a krappy hot dog? Really, Carnival?



We asked for a cheese pizza. We got this burnt, room temperature awful thing. It was as disgusting as it looks.



Here's a table that we waited 20 minutes and asked 3 staff to clean so we could eat. Well, we are cruising on WalMart of the Seas...



The Mongolian Wok was probably the best food we've had on the ship so far...



It wasn't worth the 30 minute wait, and I've had better at my local mall food court, but for this ship it was pretty good!



Are we on the TPR Klassy Karnival Kruise or at Golden Corral? What do you think?



Thankfully, Carnival serves pre-pooped diarrhea to save you time in the bathroom later.



Hooray! Look where we are at now!



The TPR Klassy Kruise on board the Klassiest ship to ever sail!



We are docked right next to a Costa ship! Doesn't get any Klassier than this!



The TPR Klassy Kruise is about to max out on Klass!



Nothing screams WalMart Klassy like Señor Frogs!



Let's see is Garbles does better than Adam did on the last cruise!



LIKE if you think Garbles will get drunk enough to let Piers take advantage of him!



It's shots time!!!



Brodaddy! G-Money! Yeah, we're universal!!!



LIKE if you are a Vageterian!



LIKE if you want a yard of random alcohol.



LIKE if you want a blow job!



Quick! Alert PETA!!!



Señor Frogs has these instructions on the tables...



Just following directions!



It was time to take a ski shots! How skiing ties into the Bahamas we have no idea. Nor do we care! SHOTS!!!



Ski Shots!!!



Oh, Garbels!



Check out my Klassy bucket of cheap beer!



Bucket O' Beer! Klassy!









I feel this applies to quite a few of our Facebook followers!



How drunk do you think Piers is at this point?


That's it for now! Keep checking out for more!

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I've really been wanting to go on a cruise for a long time. I never been on one so I would want my first time to be fun. But after seeing these updates, I am very worried that I may get a Klassy Kruise.

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^^I'm in the same boat (pun intended). I got invited to go on a cruise with a good friend of mine for the cost of my airfare and excursions. I'm on RCL though, which looks very classy, not klassy.

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Poor live conch.


But other than that....


"K to the -lassy" yeah!


(or is it the other way 'round?)


Now all we need here is a


"Ship Tip" (go Costa!)


The tour looks scarily awesome, guys.

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