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  1. Big year for me here in little New Zealand! As I am turning 50 I decided to ride 50 different coasters to celebrate - the trouble is there is one coaster in NZ Therefore I am off to the states and will be visiting all the parks around LA, Orlando and the 3 coasters in Las Vegas.
  2. Sounds awesome - will make my days their in June much easier to organise - once I work what I am doing of course
  3. The whole place looks amazing - the down side with living in New Zealand is far too long between visits - but with the next one planned for Feb 2015 I am on countdown mode already!!!
  4. Hi there to one and all in TPR in Orlando, Not being from Orlando I realise I can't join this group but just wanted to let any TPR peeps know that should anyone like to meet up for a coaster or a beer with 2 forty something strangers from the better part of down-under (New Zealand) then myself and The Whiff will be in Orlando between Tuesday 18th April and Tuesday 1st of May. In that time we are staying by Universal for the first week and Downtown Disney for the second week. Having no kids it will mean that we can act our mental age and wear Mickey T-Shirts and take nerdy pictures in between screaming like spazzies on the coasters and dark rides. Anyway if anyone locally is keen to meet up then drop me a message and we will sort something out.
  5. This thread is epic - you guys have the best fun! I am a great fan of things that are so bad you have to keep seeing how much worse it gets! So basically you are on the Lindsay Lohan of cruise ships.
  6. During our 6 week visit to America we will be visiting... Universal Hollywood Universal Orlando Universal Islands of Adventure Busch Gardens Tampa Sea World Orlando WDW (Magic Kingdom/Epcot/Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios) Coney Island Knott's Disneyland/California Adventure Depending on time etc... Seaworld San Diego SFMM
  7. Having never been to Universal Orlando I am sure I will be impressed with the new or the improved (depends on your views) Spiderman. I was secretly hoping that the timing of our trip this year would allow us to try Transformers and Spiderman but I believe Transformers will not be open before May. Anyway roll on our 6 week trip around the rollercoasters and alcoholic slushies of America!
  8. We are in Niagara for 3 nights and will be on the Canadian side 95% of the time as everybody said the same as you And thanks for the tip on the jet boat - noted and put on the "to do" list!
  9. For me it is our 6 week trip around America visiting the following places..... Universal LA Universal Orlando IOA Orlando Busch Gardens Sea World WDW Niagara Falls Times Square Las Vegas Knotts Berry Farm Disneyland. That should keep me going for a couple of years until we can afford to visit them again!!!!!
  10. New York is part of our USA trip next year and Coney Island was on the to-do list and after reading your report and looking at the pictures it is now on the must=do list. 8 months and counting but will be well worth the wait. Woop Woop.
  11. Love living in New Zealand - hate missing all the rides around the world but last coaster for me was California Screamin at DCA in April of this year. ALready planning a 12 park tour around America (with non park stops as well) next April / May). Already on countdown mode. Woop Woop!
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