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2011.. What was your highlight?

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2011 was an amazing year for me. My "devilspawn" child was born (seriously a great moment, I reccommend everyone tries it at least once). Other memorable moments were Bizzaro Bash with all my TPR friends and an incredible water challenge as well Hershey Park with our newborn. What was your 2011 highlight?




Edited to say: I also got the Manhattan Express credit. That's how you know it was a good year. ?

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85 parks in one year was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I went places I never thought I would go like Oregon and Idaho, I went to kiddie parks without shame, and the #1 highlight for me: I can now go into Victoria Secrets with a female without feeling awkward.

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2 highlights for me


First was going to Universal Orlando and riding the coasters in the Studios park and going to Islands of Adventure for the 1st time. Dueling Dragons and the Hulk had been coasters I have wanted to try for years. Dueling Dragons lived up to the hype and the Hulk did too (except for it being a little rougher than I was expecting)


Second was getting to try a stand up coaster. I know they don't have the greatest reputation among enthusiasts but when I heard Great Adventure was getting Chang, I was looking forward to finally getting the chance to ride a stand up coaster. I found it to be a great coaster and another nice coaster addition to Great Adventure.

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I had a great coaster year. Definitely my best, so far!

-I had my biggest roller coaster trip, my personal North East US trip.

-I went to 8 new theme parks in 6 different states, 44 new credits.

-Got to ride 3 out of my 4 favorite roller coasters, all amazing. Bizarro #1, El Toro #2, and Boulder Dash #4 (I still love Millennium Force).

-Broke 100 credits with Batman - Dark Knight, SFNE (should've let Bizarro been it, but I couldn't resist going to it first).

And attending TPR events:

-WCB 2011 (S:EFK *technical* opening day AND Goliath, Batman, and X2 ERT in a crazy down pour)!

-Knott's Media Event for Windseeker (and meeting awesome new friends)!


Next year I'm doing the official New Hotness TPR trip and am very stoked, hopefully each year gets increasingly better.

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Top 5 (in no particular order):


-WCB 2011, especially the Knott's day


-TPR North East Trip and everything that went along with it


-Getting to ride some of the USA's best coasters (Bizarro, Boulder Dash, El Toro, Nitro, Voyage)


-My other summer trip (St. Louis), including the amazing City Museum and a Segway tour, as well as a couple theme parks (Holiday World and SFStL)


-Although not amusement park related, I really enjoyed my spring break ski trip to Utah and can't wait for this year's trip

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Each year seems to be getting harder to top.


Texas Giant Bash.


Huge Europe roadtrip/Riding Expedition GeForce, Olympia Looping, and other awesome coasters I felt like I'd never get to.


Finally doing all the major Florida parks (for the first time), without the intention of Disney (and I hadn't done anything Disney). But then we last minute had what was essentially a personal tour of all four parks.

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Riding Megaphobia in the dark at Oakwood 18 times in an hour, in heavy rain, with full glow gear on, and not being entirely sober!


So much fun but I woke up the next day with plenty of bruises. Worth it though.


Megaphobia + soaking wet track = insanely fast ride!


A close second is the Loopathon Weekend at Alton Towers and Drayton Manor with the RCCGB. ERT on Nemesis in the dark is fantastic. And our little group's choice of accommodation was great. We found some log cabins a few miles from Alton where we had some EHTT -Exclusive Hot Tub Time! A great weekend with fellow coaster-crazy friends.

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- Getting a job at BGW and being the first to ride Mach Tower before everyone else.

- My first TPR Bag O Crap

- Going to New York then going on a cruise the week after

- Winning a sexy dollar from a TPR member

- Meeting my first TPR member the day after I marathoned Mach Tower


Overall, not too eventful. Looking forward to a few trips next year!

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- Spending a few days in Stockholm for Twister filming/opening

- 3 weeks in Japan

- Tokyo DisneySea and watching the show from the hotel room

- my second RCCL cruise (i keep looking for good prices (including flights) for another cruise)

- Spending a week in Florida in November and getting rid of some stress (work related i think) which was still in my body

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