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What are you most excited for in 2012?

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I'm going to expand my list a bit:


Theme Park Related:


Since I'll be experiencing all of these next year:


Lex Luthor




Superman Ultimate Flight


And a possible return trip to Florida


Non Theme park Wise:


Turning 16 (driving)

Possibly Going to Washington DC with a school course

The release of the Wii U (I think that's next year right?)

Comic-Con 2012

And a new Season of Doctor Who

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In California:



Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom

Superman: Ultimate Flight


Going on my first TPR trip (New Hotness):

Sky Rush

Storm Runner

El Toro

Intimidator 305

Wild Eagle

13 new B&Ms

5 new Intamins

4 new GCIs

3 new Intamin Drop Towers

20 new Woodies


Reaching over 200 credits!

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I'm actually exited for Mirabilandia's new coaster, if it really is a 55m high Intamin water coaster I think I'm going to Italy for the first time.


As for other rides I'm excited about I really like Swarm and I will ride it next year.

Skyrush is still looking best tough.

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--Going on my first TPR trip! (Well, first totally coaster-oriented trip, since I did the cruise in October.). I am so excited to ride new coasters and visit new countries and meet more TPR people.

--Hitting credit #300

--All of those new awesome coasters; honestly, there isn't one that has me chomping at the bit any more than another--they're all exciting!



And non-coaster related, the Olympics, of course!

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Observing the actions of people that think the the world will end in 2012? Are there any Vivos end of the world condos left?


Looking forward to seeing friends and family in Europe next summer if all goes well and some new stuff on the work side.


The coaster geek in me says that I’m looking forward to:

-Leviathan at the good o’l home park

-Checking out California beyond Disney and being brave enough to stare at Lex Luther.

-Putting Skyrush and Wild Eagle on the “would love to do if there's time and money” list.

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Skyrush Skyrush Skyrush and maybe Radiator Springs Racers and like rollin_n_coastin said being brave enough to even look at Lex Luther lol, I can handle any coaster but for some reason me and drop rides do not get along!!!

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I am definitely most excited for Supermam: Ultimate Flight coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2012! I'm so happy that it's an original layout.


I'm also excited for West Coast Bash 2012! WCB this year was so much fun and I'm very excited to do it all over again.

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