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  1. Also realize that it rained during the Knott's WCB day in both 2011 and 2012. Even with poor weather Knott's put on an amazing day for us. Now that the event is in September we should have a better chance of having nice weather both days!
  2. As long as I have advanced notice (at least 2 months) and we don't already have any work scheduled I can get just about any time off from work that I want. As soon as work is scheduled that day, I can't take time off. The WCB announcement gave me a super amount of time to schedule the time off.
  3. I like that the Tranan style coasters don't look too intimidating for younger kids, because they're not tall, but they also look like they have a good amount of thrills for their size. I would love to see more of these built, especially at parks with unique terrain that the coaster could interact with!
  4. This looks like an awesome game! I love that it is a combination of No Limits and RCT3 while being it's own game. I like the realistic features of No Limits, but the 2D editing system is not easy to pick up unless you put a lot of work into getting used to it. Having a similar editing system in a 3D world would be awesome! My one request would be that the game be updated often with new rides and other features as they become possible. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this!
  5. I buy mainly Blu-Rays, but I would also consider buying digital download versions of the videos. I like the idea of buying the Blu-Rays so that I have a physical copy of the video and it doesn't take up a bunch of space on my hard drive...
  6. Those are definitely the best views I've ever seen from the top of a coaster. I would love to see those in person some day!
  7. ^From what I've heard from other people: The Roar at SFDK is far superior to the Roar at SFA. What most people attribute this to is the Millennium Flyers on Roar at SFDK. Roar has been on the rougher side the last few seasons, but it's an over 10 year old ride that has only been re-tracked once in that time. I still find it really enjoyable!
  8. In my wildest dreams SFDK would use the old Dinosphere building for a Verbolten type attraction. They could either put it next to Boomerang/Tasmanian Devil and then go into the building, or take out Boomerang or Tasmanian Devil and use that space too, or take out Kong and use all of that space and the building. I think it would be an awesome ride, but I don't see SFDK building anything like that any time soon. I'll keep dreaming though... lol
  9. I don't think a 2 hour drive is bad at all. I have a 2 hour drive to SFDK and it doesn't bug me at all. It's funny though, add in the extra hour to get to CGA and the drive's not worth it to go to CGA. That will change next year though. I would love to see this park in Tracy open. I don't think it will actually happen, but I'd visit it if it did.
  10. As far as I know they do. It's been a while since I saw the show, but I'm pretty sure I heard the announcement for the elephant show last time I was at the park.
  11. Yeah, Chabot stadium. I just miss the days when there was some kind of show in that stadium. I do expect to see SFDK keep Pacific Stadium, because like you said, they can move another show there. I do appreciate that most of the Marine World Africa USA stuff still exists. Hopefully they will announce something on August 30.
  12. I'm sad to see Shouka leave, but I'm glad she'll be around other killer whales now. I have been hoping that SFDK could find another killer whale since they got Shouka, but it just didn't work out. I am hoping that SFDK figures out something to do with the stadium. I don't want to see a second large stadium sitting vacant for years. Of course if they did decide to tear out the stadium it would open up a pretty large area in the part of the park. It will be interesting to see what they decide to do.
  13. I ask myself that exact question every time I visit CGA. I guess they figured that they didn't need to invest in station covers because the weather isn't that bad in Northern California. All I know is that I love all of the stations at SFDK because they all have covers.
  14. Old parks that I have visited so far this year: SFMM Knott's SFDK Brand new parks for 2012: Universal Studios Hollywood SFOT (First park outside of California!) Dollywood Carowinds SFOG (Deep South Bash 2012!) 2012 has been a great year for me. 2013 is looking to be very good too!
  15. This is from Screamscape: "(7/30/12) According to the latest rumor going around, we can expect Six Flags to announce virtually all of their 2013 plans on the same day. Keep your eyes and ears open on August 30th." Screamscape Link That's why everyone is assuming that SFMM will announce their new ride on the 30th. We'll see if they actually do.
  16. As much as I would like to see a new coaster, I don't see it happening. I would like to see a new water ride or even just a big, marketable flat ride (like an S&S Screamin' Swing or something). I would also like to see SFDK fix some of the pathways in the park. A lot of the pavement is looking old and cracked now.
  17. Doesn't Busch Gardens/Seaworld have exclusive rights to B&M Dive Machines in America, or did that end already?
  18. I don't think you would be shooting the animals. You would probably be "tagging" them for conservation purposes. They figure out some way to spin it so that they can make it politically correct... I would also like to see a dark ride at SFDK, even if it's not a shooting ride. Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure at SFoT is good and Monster Mansion at SFoG is amazing. As long as SFDK kept the ride maintained well a dark ride would be an awesome addition to the park.
  19. As for Medusa vs. Superman: I also think that I am on a Superman high, but I will ultimately feel that Medusa is better. Superman is easily the second best coaster in the park. As for Boomerang vs. Kong: I like Boomerang better, but I usually only ride both coasters if the lines are short. I'm looking forward to seeing what SFDK will get in 2013. It will be interesting to see if CGA's new coaster has any effect on what they end up announcing.
  20. Why would SFDK remove the metal S shield from it in the first place? They were probably testing the ride with different weights and taking off the Superman symbols was probably an easy way to take extra weight off of the train.
  21. I had a great time at Deep South Bash! Thanks to everyone who made this Deep South Bash possible. There were so many awesome things that happened at the event that made this the best Bash that I have been to!
  22. I'm thinking the record will be something like Fastest wooden coaster in Northern California. I think it's going to be some kind of regional record, but I would like to see it be something bigger!
  23. For those who haven't realized this yet: Gold is listed as "AU" on the periodic table of elements. So I figure the AU13 is talking about Gold and 2013. I'm looking forward to finding out more on the 29!
  24. This will be my first time at SFOG, so ERT is really going to help me get on all of the coasters without having to wait in a lot of lines. I'm excited for this event!
  25. I'm going down to Discovery Kingdom tomorrow to process my Season Pass and to ride Superman for the first time. All of these positive reviews really have me excited to ride Superman.
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