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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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I like SFMM's Goliath Its not great, but its a fun, fast and most importantly smooth ride at a park that sometimes has issues with coasters. Of course, I won't go on it if the line is over 30 minutes so I guess that says something.

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^^ See, that's the thing, there really isn't anything wrong with the ride, there's just nothing that great about the ride. For as being as big, tall, and fast as it is, it's incredibly 'average'


Robb thats so true. I've only been on Titan, and not Goliath.. but I feel the exact same way about Titan. It's this massive coaster that has so much potential, but comes off as just flat out average.


I just dont understand why build a 255 ft (or whatever.. too tired to check rcdb) coaster and have a semi decent first half and then WHAM!! Into the brakes and then into a bunch of mindless twisting. Sure twisting is great, but not after a great second/third drop when the coaster has so much potential.


Anyways, It looks like its a B&M, and that definately gives you SFOG people something GREAT to look forward to. Its definately hard to screw up a B&M Hyper.. NITRO, and Apollo are amazing.


I wonder if it'll be green, or orange..

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Now this is something new :shock: ... I've only heard positive thoughts of SFMM's Goliath, I'm very suprised that many people here doesn't like it :shock: I have ridden it too, it was great, but I've been on many coasters that I think are way better...

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Goliath at Six Flags Holland is great, it's one of the best coasters I have been on, def worth the drive from the UK.


Will be going back next year for 2-4 days, I'm gonna stay on it for most of the day. Good fun riding in the rain.


Best to have a Medium size coaster and big airtime than a Giacoaster with just speed and a boring layout.


We want a 400ft Out and Back Steel with loads of Airtime hills. and more S&S / Gravity Group woodies with classic fan curves and neg-g's on each hill/drop.

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In my opinion, all this needs to avoid being an average coaster, is something unique. Storm Runner would have been average if not for the "flying snake dive," but because of it, it is one of the better coasters in the USA. I trust that B&M will know how to surprise us, and besides, there over-due for a really good coaster.

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I thought Goliath at SFMM was the most boring hypercoaster I've ever ridden. I hope SFOG's Goliath is a lot better!

I like Goliath @ SFMM. But then again, that's basically the only hypercoaster I've been on. They should make it an over 70 degree drop. That would be just plain awesome!

---Brent 8)

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