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  1. What do you mean it can't be called superman. Six Flags owns La Ronde, it doesn't have to be in the name. The reason they won't call it superman is because there already is a superman coaster there.
  2. But since when does there have to be a top hat for it too be the best. The air hill start looks better to me at least. Rita doesn't have any hill at all which kills it.
  3. I mean really, would you rather the ride be stuck or have it not stop, crash into the next train and hurt or kill people on board? lol
  4. Well that height limit is a crock, because basically all of their coasters are over 125 feet. So they had to get a ton of variances for that.
  5. Man, I wish they'd announce this thing already. I guess after Fright Fest.
  6. Wow thats hilarious. Robb, where do you look that up? is it a website for what gives what type of rating?
  7. What do you mean by an inside Cobra Roll? I think they could pull it off.
  8. Yeah but you got the wrong definition. Prostitots are basically every teenage girl out there lol. If you look at the way they dress.
  9. Yeah but by the time you got to the end it will feel like you're gonna fall out. Its not as easy to do inversions on flyers and they haven't done more than the pretzel loop, half zero-g or barrel roll yet.
  10. Well right now the rumored height is 181 and length is rumored to be way shorter than SOB. But then again the same thing happened with KK, it turned out to be much more than what had been leaked.
  11. Well El Toro is "the bull" in Spanish and thats a Frontier themed area so it makes sense. I believe the fabrication is different because instead of layered wood with metal on top of it, the pieces are laser carved out of pieces of wood so theres less connection points and it can be bent more and heartlined. So with the layers gone, it vibrates less and feels more in control and the turns are transitioned and banked more so you don't get thrown to left or right as much.
  12. You'd think thats what would happen with Cedar Fair buying it. I mean really, even though it has all old rides, I don't think they would just let it be bulldozed. CF can probably really improve the park too.
  13. Well why can't they just have the bottom thing that wraps around without the shoulder straps? Isn't that how they re designed the restraints on SROS?, they don't have the shoulder things right?
  14. I don't think there is, they haven't even announced this yet right?
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