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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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As long as it has a straight drop, there should be plenty of opportunity for airtime. Even Kraken, with only a 45 degree drop has airtime. And the first drop on Hydra, as short as it is, ends up being the best part of the ride if you ride in the backseat. Same with Georgia Scorcher. I don't know much about the ride at all, but am very excited to ride it next year.

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Steepness doesnt seem to have much effect for me. It does help airtime (though not totally dependant) but reguardless, the only thing I think that would feel odd would be the Eurofighters and their 90+ drops. Once you get past like 75 its all the same. Its steep.


Just like TTD and KK. The extra 36 ft doesnt matter. Once you are over 400ft, its all just "really far up there" and you cant tell.




It does look like an interesting layout if thats the official one I saw. I hope the helix in it is as powerful as Nitros, mmmmm.

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SonOfBeastSucks, I just visited SFGAM and the trains on Raging Bull were braked heavily. Comparing my two visits since RB has opened...


2001: first trim gently tapped the train; mid-course brake run was off; third trim was off

2005: first trim definitely interrupted the flow; MCBR slowed the train; third was off


It was definitely running better on my first visit.




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^RB trims really aren't bad- at all. I have been to SFGAm twice, probably have ridden it about five or six times and have never had a bad, heavily- breaked ride.


I was there for 2 full days and 10-15 spins on it back in 2003 and it was braked to death. The first trims were the worst. In the back seat there was no airtime until you crested the hill, then for the drop (third hill this is) it's insane. That insane airtime was supposed to last twice as long with a high cresting speed and it would've greatly improved the air in the of the train. The mcbr was on sorta "trimy" and the last trim before the figure 8 did nothing. Still that thing would amazing to an extent that is rather hard to describe without the trims. As it is it's still one of my favorite coasters and it has my favorite first drop (yes, it's better than MF if you ride both in the back).


Oh and the other cool part about this is that my Aunt and Uncle live down in the Atlanta area so maybe I'll finally pay them a visit for a week or so for a ride on this next summer. And on the drive back I'll hit up Dollywood and Holiday World. If I get the Dells' in there next year too it may well be my best coaster season ever, or at least since 02' or 03' when I was getting in lots of new parks and/or rides.



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Ohhh!!! I can't wait!! I still can't be too excited knowing how many people are having the worst time of their life. Hate me for saying this, but IMO, they should postpone the announcement in respect of the people affected by the hurricane especially since they are pretty close to the disaster area. But that's just my opinion.

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New B&M is announced - GOLIATH


http://www.sixflags.com/parks/overgeorg ... ATH_A.html


Atlanta - September 1, 2005 - Six Flags Over Georgia is preparing to unleash a GIANT in 2006. Soaring over 200 ft. above the park and covering an area 8.5 acres in size, this much-anticipated steel monster will appropriately be called: GOLIATH.


Not since the Six Flags Over Georgia's grand opening in 1967 has the park made such an announcement. Traveling over 4,400 feet on a journey that takes over 3 minutes and reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour, GOLIATH will stand as a GIANT among coasters. Beginning on a spot once occupied by the Great Gasp, GOLIATH will serve as Six Flags Over Georgia's new skyline icon, visible for miles around.


"Without a doubt, when it comes to thrills, Six Flags Over Georgia has always been the leader in the Southeast," noted Melinda Ashcraft, vice president and general manager, Six Flags Atlanta Parks. "Our guests continue to demand something bigger and better each year and we believe GOLIATH is the answer for both families and thrill seekers."


The park's 11th coaster, GOLIATH will be Six Flags Over Georgia's first "hyper" coaster, or coaster reaching over 200 feet in height. Because of its massive height and size, GOLIATH will not fit inside the park grounds and will actually travel outside the park and back. It will be the new welcoming landmark for guests as it screams overhead, just outside the park's front gate.


Riders on GOLIATH will sit four-abreast, strapped in bright orange and teal, open-sided trains carrying nine cars each. After the 200-foot ascent, GOLIATH will scream through the park's USA section, and outside of the park into a series of zero-gravity "floating" hills and drops, and a giant spiral. After a sweeping high-bank turn, the ride flies back into the park through several more hills and drops, in order to deliver the biggest thrill in Six Flags Over Georgia history.


GOLIATH is so enormous that it eclipses several other rides including the legendary Georgia Scorcher, which will now stand in its shadow more than 50 feet below. Giant oak trees, a unique feature to Six Flags Over Georgia, and natural treasures of the park will remain as more than just beautiful landscaping. GOLIATH will actually send riders up through the treetops and race back down within feet of two giant ponds.


GOLIATH was custom-designed and engineered by the industry-acclaimed Bolliger & Mabillard, of Monthey, Switzerland. Known for their quality and state of the art thrills, the same company designed the popular SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT, BATMAN THE RIDE, and Georgia Scorcher coasters in the park. Compared side-by-side, GOLIATH eclipses SUPERMAN - ULTIMATE FLIGHT's top height by nearly 50 feet and beats its top speed by over 15 miles per hour. It's length is almost twice that of any other coaster in the park.


Construction on this giant coaster has already begun and will continue through the winter. GOLIATH is scheduled to open April 1, 2006, just in time for Spring Break. Season Passholders will be given some of the first opportunities to ride during exclusive ride times scheduled for April.


Season Passes for the 2006 season go on sale early at the park's Guest Relations office beginning September 1, 2005.


Six Flags is open weekends until October 30, 2005 and will re-open March 4, 2006. For additional information, including hours of operation, pricing, and more, visit sixflags.com/georgia.


Fact Sheet:

http://www.sixflags.com/parks/overgeorg ... tSheet.pdf








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