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Six Flags Over Georgia (SFOG) Discussion Thread

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Wow! That thing is going up fast. I wish they would start making some vertical progress on Tatsu. It would be cool to have a lift that steep on a flyer.


Mabey that will be the new trend. As coasters get taller. The lifts get steeper to conserve space. Think about how much more space Shakira would take up if it were a standard lift.


Great Pics!


Guy "itchin' to get back south to ride all the crap that has gone up in the last 25 years" Koepp

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My quacktastic photos are here:




Usually I don't do trip report type stuff for SFOG but I had some really cool photos that I'd like to share. BTW make sure to ask 'Homey G' (well, I'm 99% sure that's who it was, though I think Tommy won something too) about his totally awesome prize at the raffle


Too bad Deja Vu's train is already in pieces in the boneyard (sigh)


I always liked this photo in the park's press materials so I had to get one myself


Yay Batman and Fall Colors


Tweety greets people at the gate.. ;-)

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